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Karen Kilroy
Akron, Ohio

re: David Swanson

To Whom It May Concern

I had the good fortune to work closely with David Swanson in his role with the Kucinich for President Campaign in 2003-2004. My role as Webmaster was closely dependent on his role as Press Secretary. I could always depend on the quality of David's output as I posted his writings to the web site and in mass email communications.

David's role included being editor-in-chief of the website, which meant that he was accountable to the candidate on the accuracy of what was published. He also was the author of the semi-weekly e-alerts, which had an audience of nearly 100,000 readers. This was in addition to his primary role with the campaign, which was that of Press Secretary - responding to press inquiries, writing and distributing press releases, and coordinating the department that scheduled the candidate's press events.

In my professional career of 20+ years, David Swanson is clearly the hardest working individual I have ever encountered. His dedication to his work is unsurpassed by anyone I have ever met. He is clear-headed, highly intelligent, and energetic. David makes consistently good decisions even in high-pressure, highly visible situations. I consider him to have been a driving force of the campaign. It has been an honor to work with David, and I'm sure once you hire him you will agree.

Best Regards,

Karen Kilroy

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