May 1st Belongs to Labor, Not Loyalty

April 29, 2004

An Email sent yesterday by Chris Paulitz, Press Secretary of the National Republican Congressional Committee to local GOP press secretaries suggested events that could be held in the month of May, including:

“Loyalty Day (May 1): Loyalty Day is simply a day for all of us to show our loyalty to the nation. In addition to op-eds and a release, our member can call on all local governmental buildings to fly the American flag that day, as President Bush has asked all federal government read more

Candidates Get Uppity at Audience With Media Royal Family

Feb. 29, 2004

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“Well, I’m not going to be addressed like this.” — Elizabeth Bumiller

The headline about today’s CBS debate on the CBS website is “Dems Get Feisty In NYC Debate,” and it’s followed by an absurdly dishonest article suggesting that the four remaining Democratic candidates for president engaged in unusually spirited disagreement with each other over read more

Kucinich Can Win

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Politically, we are a nation of proud pessimists and phony optimists. We associate hope with candidacies of content-free invertebrates like Bill Clinton. Our idea of gutsy change is to root for Bill Bradley or John McCain from our couch. Our most common act of rebellion is to keep our asses on the couch on election day.

We’re defeatists and proud of it. We have no shame. We denounce politics and politicians as if we were not responsible, and we read more

It's the War, Stupid!

The Washington Post on Sunday, Nov. 10, printed an article (not a column) by David Von Drehle “reporting” on the alleged fact that snobby liberal elites lost the recent elections because folksy dumb guys like George W. are much more likable.

Von Drehle didn’t discuss any particular election, didn’t name a single liberal elitist (except Adlai Stevenson, who apparently lost to Eisenhower for the same reason), and didn’t even name a single likable down-to-earth Republican, read more

Teach-In on Iraq

March 25, 2005

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It’s safe to say that more useful information was conveyed to those hungry for it Thursday night in the Jack Morton Auditorium at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., than has been conveyed in the entire oeuvre of CNN’s Crossfire, which is filmed in the same location.

On the 40th anniversary of the first teach-in on the Vietnam War, the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) hosted a teach-in on the War on Iraq. C-Span aired it live. read more

Media Whites Out Vote Fraud

By David Swanson, ILCA
Part of the Media Blackout series on underreported labor stories
A shorter version of this article, for easy reading between commercial interruptions, is available at… [1].

January 3, 2005 — The Cleveland Federation of Labor is sending busloads of demonstrators to a rally in Columbus, Ohio, today to take part in a protest of election fraud in the 2004 presidential election.

As read more

Edwards to Take on Cheney and Ifill

October 3, 2004
As Senator John Edwards trains for Tuesday’s debate, the best advice anyone could give him would be to bring his own questions. He should bring a list of topics he intends to talk about and a list of questions he intends to put to Dick Cheney, because if anything can be predicted safely it is that Gwen Ifill will slant her script in favor of the fat man.

Yesterday evening on PBS Ifill could be seen defending Bush’s debate performance. Which way she leans is never hard read more

Workplace Rights Under Threat

By David Swanson
August 3, 2004

In 1935 the National Labor Relations Board was created for the purpose of encouraging collective bargaining – that is, unionization. The NLRB is not some radical left-wing group. It’s the U.S. government body that oversees labor and management relations. But it was created in a different era and no longer serves its intended purpose.

Within the past two months, the NLRB has decided by a 3-2 vote along party lines
1) that graduate students working read more

Koppel's Cojones

April 29, 2004

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ABC’s Ted Koppel plans to broadcast on Friday on “Nightline” the names and faces of the American soldiers who have been killed in action in Iraq. The complaints that this does not go far enough have already begun, and I agree with all of them. Koppel is excluding those who have committed suicide or been killed in an accident. He is excluding those who have been horribly wounded. He is excluding his 14 fellow journalists who read more Plans to Register a Million New Democrats

Feb. 25, 2004

The thought of four more years of President George W. Bush — and the possibility of seeing him actually winning the title of president in an election! – sends chills up the spines of many Americans. The passion with which people oppose this unelected president has helped to create a wild ride of a Democratic nominating process. We’ve seen some good candidates generate a lot of activism, bring new people into politics, and then lose out.

The nominee will be the favorite read more