NESARA: Nearly Every Stupid Absurdity Rolled Altogether

Feb. 17, 2004

Are you lucky enough not to have heard of NESARA? If you do enough grassroots progressive politics, chances are you will.

NESARA stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, an act that was secretly passed by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton, and which will be announced in due time. NESARA will forgive all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt, eliminate income tax, back currency with precious metals, accomplish regime change in Washington, read more

Bush Is About as Serene as a Cat With a Can Tied to its Tail

Also published at Democratic Underground.

I don’t believe the President is at ease.

George W. Bush’s staff assures us that he is calm, serene, and confident despite massive global resistance to his policies, because he knows he is right. If this were true, the arrogance and lack of respect for popular opinion would be astounding. The lack of doubt, hesitation, or humility might even be called, as some have called it, psychopathic.

Far be it from me to suggest that our President is sane, read more

Credit or Debit? Not Just an Annoying Question

I don’t think Visa and MasterCard wanted me in their focus group, but then they probably don’t want me in their country either. They practically write bills for Congress, such as the bankruptcy bill that might be voted on this month, and yet they still seem to want to know what people think. Either that, or they’re doing “push polling” – five of the eight people in the focus group I was part of on September 5 worked for Congress members, at least one of them read more

Government Is Not a Father or Mother, But Our Child

April 20, 2005

George Lakoff has become perhaps the most listened to thinker by progressive activists. His instruction to take care in how a debate is initially framed is very persuasive. Clearly it is much harder to bring people to a conclusion that lies outside the possibilities created by a frame. It is also useful to argue in the terms that will appeal to the widest audience.

I don’t think a lack of these communications skills has much to do with the decline of progressive politics in read more

Dem Senators Denounce Bush Grab for "Dictatorship"

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“They want the rubber stamp of dictatorship,” said Senator Chuck Schumer.

“They want one-party rule,” said Senator Patrick Leahy.

“An ill wind blows through this country. Your freedom of speech is in jeopardy,” said Senator Bob Byrd. “The opponents of the filibuster, the opponents of free speech say we don’t need 217 years of American history.”

Senators Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, and Hillary read more

Media Blacks Out Bush Assault on Minimum Wage

November 22, 2004
Part of the ILCA Media Blackout series on underreported labor stories
Bush’s success in reducing the value of the minimum wage in each of the past four years has wreaked havoc with the lives of millions of working Americans, but it does not exist as a media story.

The minimum wage loses value as the cost of living rises. Were the government to take action to partially correct for this loss in value, the media would cover that story, but would refer to it as “raising read more

Dow Jones CEO Thinks 1,000 Dead Soldiers Getting Too Much Attention

Sep. 13, 2004

“Casualties are always sad, but I don’t think they should be shocking.”

Any doubt that the U.S. media has not yet recognized the disgraceful role it has played in promoting and covering Bush’s war ought to be put to rest by a forum held in New York City on September 9th. The forum was part of the annual convention of the Society of Professional Journalists, a series of events that showcased the media at its best and worst.

Gathered, appropriately enough, in read more

Democrats Not As Alone As They Think

July 2, 2004

Last Saturday I went knocking on doors in Lancaster, Penn., with the AFL-CIO to talk about the election. We knocked on only union household doors, but a tragic 34 percent of union members who voted in 2000 voted for Bush, and recent polls have shockingly suggested no change in that figure. So I didn’t know what to expect.

Every single person who told me and my door-knocking partner who they were voting for was for Kerry, and all of their household members were for Kerry. No one read more

Will the General Primary Follow the Primary Elections?

April 12, 2004

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Because I’m convinced that the current occupant of the White House is off-the-charts, beyond-the-pale, outside-the-normal-range worse than any of his predecessors, I am continually amazed when I meet people who oppose Bush in the strongest terms and then indicate their plans to vote for Nader or another third-party candidate or to not vote at all, but certainly not to pour their hearts and souls into winning votes for Kerry. read more

An Idea to Reform the Media

Feb. 13, 2004

I have become convinced that progressives cannot win without reforming the media, no matter how much time or money we put into grassroots organizing or policy analysis. So what should we do?

Ultimately, of course, we’re going to need governmental solutions and leadership. We’re going to need to break up the media monopolies, open up opportunities for smaller companies, and provide free air time for political campaigns. We’ll have to place new caps on media ownership read more