Make Love, Not War

Memorial Day, 2002

The Washington Post has a little section called “You Haven’t Lived Here if You Haven’t

Why the Media Can't Read the Bankruptcy Bill

April 5, 2005
The most remarkable thing about the bankruptcy bill (which has now been postponed in the House until next week) is something that the corporate media is incapable of reporting on and probably in some cases incapable of even recognizing. Namely, this bill offers an ideal test for the Democrats.

Most bills contain some redeeming features, some elements that are good for people, not just good for corporate profits. With most bills, a case can be made, however contorted and unconvincing, read more

Thirty-One States and DC Take Action on Minimum Wage

February 21, 2005

If George W. Bush finishes a second term and avoids adjusting the federal minimum wage, we will have completed an 11-year record stretch without any adjustment. The previous record of nine years was brought to us by Ronald Reagan. The current federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour is over 40 percent below the 1968 level adjusted for inflation. A fulltime worker taking no vacation or holidays and earning the federal minimum wage earns 55 percent of the federal poverty line for read more

Progressives for Kerry: It's not Just About Beating Bush

Oct. 27, 2004

Kerry’s appeal to progressives is generally thought of as no more or less than the appeal a pumpkin would have if it could run: neither Kerry nor the pumpkin is Bush. I’d like to suggest another reason for progressives to support Kerry, one that does not require holding our noses.

Of course, parts of Kerry’s record are admirably progressive, and – unlike Bush – Kerry has a record of responding to public pressure (itself admirable in a democracy and an read more

Preview of October Campaign Coverage

Aug. 25, 2004

Excerpt of a Washington Post article from late October, 2004:

Bush Finds New Focus for Country
Tim Cartostraw, Washington Post Staff Writer

The Presidential campaign’s new focus on John Kerry’s performance in Vietnam highlights important aspects of Kerry’s and President Bush’s likely performance in the War on Terror, sources say. This past summer a group of veterans accused Kerry of exaggerating the danger he had faced, in doing so making claims contradicted read more

Vote Your Greed

May 17, 2004
I’m a Democrat, and I have often heard Democrats accuse Republicans of being selfish. In this year’s election, I think we will be better off if most Republicans become a lot more selfish than they have been.

read more

Making Peace Normal

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March 11, 2004

The marches and demonstrations against the Iraq war have apparently not yet altered the course of that war. I plan to march on March 20th in hopes that we finally can change the behavior of the U.S. government. But marching alone will not do it.

Already we have, of course, impacted the content of the U.S. mass media, in particular through the positions taken by various presidential campaigns, including to some extent those of candidates who read more

Why I Quit My Job to Work for Dennis Kucinich

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I’ve always been an activist. I’ve always seen the purpose of a life as changing the world for the better, not observing it or recording it or drifting through it or playing it for my own gain, but altering it so it’s a better place with less hardship, destruction, humiliation, and hunger. I used to be a reporter, and I found that I was able to do some good, but that too often I had to write about things I didn’t read more

Polarizing Plutocrats

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Jan. 19, 2002

I listened to Bill Gates’ Dad talk last week at a D.C. hotel at an event put together by United for a Fair Economy. He wanted to further limit the number of estates touched by the estate tax and to make sure we recognized the benefits to the country of allowing a small number of people to live in a world of tremendous comfort unlike anything read more

Tweaking the Legalized Bribery System Pleases Few

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May 16, 2002

Last week conservatives and liberals separately filed suit to claim that various parts of the recently passed Shays-Meehan/McCain-Feingold bribery reform legislation should be thrown out as unconstitutional. Last night (May 15) in a debate at the National Press Club over the proposition “The Government is Still for Sale,” all four participants, two arguing the read more