Positive Proposals from the Left

Left wing activists are pouring everything they have into stopping Bush’s policies, and are declaring victory when the President only gets through Congress a fraction of what he proposes. Many of them consider it na

Jim Forman and the Liberal-Labor Syndrome

Jan. 20, 2005
“Any revolutionary movement cannot succeed if the power of that movement is not in the hands of the poor.” – James Forman

Jim Forman died last week at age 76, the same age Martin Luther King Jr. would have been this week if he had not been assassinated. These two allies and rivals in the most dramatic and effective social movement of this country’s last century still have much to teach us. And, although Forman is much less well known, he in particular may read more

Media Associate Peaceful Protests With Terrorism – short

By David Swanson, Media Coordinator, International Labor Communications Association
Part of the Media Blackout series on underreported labor stories

In the nearly five years since the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle, at which union members and other peaceful protesters were manhandled by police, the U.S. media have established a pattern of underreporting the militarization of police at protests, of portraying police actions as reactions to threats from violent protesters, and of focusing read more

Note to a Religious Republican

March 5, 2004

I’ve heard Democrats say that Republicans are too religious. In fact, I’ve said it myself. But that’s kind of silly when you think about it, since almost all Republicans and Democrats and Independents in the United States are religious, and Republican politicians take a backseat to nobody in disrespecting religion.

I myself speak to God on a regular basis, and He told me recently that He did not approve of a plaque He saw hanging in the Oval Office with these words read more

Let Them Eat Cheeseburgers

Doug Besharov’s tastefully illustrated column in the Dec. 8 Outlook section of the Washington Post suggested that our government is giving poor people too much food. They’re not hungry, and yet we’re stuffing their faces and making them fat, he says.

In reality, many Americans are hungry (3 percent of households and rising, according to the conservative calculations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture), and declining wages and insufficient government assistance can explain read more

DINOs Outshining RINOs

April 18, 2005

For more than a decade we’ve heard about a political animal called the RINO (Republican in Name Only), but most species of RINO have become endangered or at least threatened. Republicans in Congress have learned to close ranks and vote as a block.

On the recent bill restricting the rights of those who would file class action law suits, Republicans in the House voted 229 to 1 in favor of it, and in the Senate 54 to 0, with two not voting. On the latest increase in war spending, read more

Dear World, We're Hopeless

Nov. 3, 2004
Dear World,
Please be on the lookout for more bombs, debts, and global warming. It’s what we in the United States like to call “letting the healing begin.”

I know, I know, you thought there might be hope for us. You thought we might be ready to cross the bridge to the 18th century and stop letting religious bigotry run our lives. Even you British supposed that we might care about having killed 100,000 Muslims. Sorry to disillusion you on that one. We found it more read more

Reagan Redux

June 6, 2004

Also published at http://www.alternet.org and http://www.opednews.com and http://www.democraticunderground.com

Ronald Reagan had the birth of a deity. Within 20 minutes of his inauguration, Iran freed the hostages that wimpy Jimmy Carter had been unable to rescue. I was 11 years old at the time and impressed but baffled. How had he done it?

No one seemed to know or very much care. Apparently the Iranians had wanted to make a statement about how much they disliked Carter, and we didn’t read more

If Ifs and Buts Were Candy and Nuts

People all over this country over the past several months have told me “Dennis Kucinich is my first choice but I’m voting for someone electable.” The largest group of such overly wise disciples of their televisions have always chosen to back Howard Dean as the “electable” next best thing. Yet Dean has now almost proven to be unelectable.
The same compromise (judging by these unions’ long-standing concerns and how those compare to the platforms of Kucinich read more

Ask Marilyn, Get a Right-Wing Response

Also published at www.democraticunderground.com

Most Americans read few if any newspapers. The papers that are read most often are the Sunday editions, the ones with the comics, the TV guide, and Parade Magazine. The papers that carry Parade as an insert run the full gamut from extremely right-wing to moderately right-wing, but Parade itself sticks close to the extreme, not just with its articles but especially with its regular advice column “Ask Marilyn.”

Marilyn Vos Savant describes read more