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Are Peace and Impeachment Possible?

"Are Peace and Impeachment Possible? Strategies for Saving our Constitution, Economy, and Environment"
By David Swanson
Remarks delivered in Ojai, California, on April 22, 2008

I'm going to talk for a while and then take some questions, and maybe even some corrections, since unlike the Pope and George W. Bush I do make mistakes. Our president, as far as I know, has never admitted a mistake. And of this I am sure, I have never publicly done anything as brave as what members of IVAW do in admitting their mistaken roles in Bush's crusade. Some of them have said that that has been harder than anything they did in Iraq, and I believe it. They deserve our gratitude and our support.

Can Grandmothers End Wars?

By David Swanson

Here is the perfect Mother's Day gift for your mother, your mother in law, your grandmothers, and in fact for the men in their lives as well - who ought to be shamed into action. Joan Wile has published a book called "Grandmothers Against the War: Getting Off Our Fannies and Standing Up for Peace." As far as I know, this is her first book. It is very much an account of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. If more people did the same, we would put an end to war.

The 2008 Election Will Be Stolen

By David Swanson

A new collection of essays edited by Mark Crispin Miller called "Loser Take All: Election Fraud and the Subversion of Democracy, 2000 - 2008," tells the story better than any single source I've seen yet.

A Nice Quotation I Just Found Online

"The only kinds of fights worth fighting are those you are going to lose, because somebody has to fight them and lose and lose and lose until someday, somebody who believes as you do wins. In order for somebody to win an important, major fight 100 years hence, a lot of other people have got to be willing - for the sheer fun and joy of it — to go right ahead and fight, knowing you’re going to lose.

Wars Begin in High School Cafeterias

By David Swanson

Citizens in a number of school districts around the country have dramatically reduced military recruitment through simple procedures that anyone can do. No marching or civil disobedience is required. You might, however, have to chat with a principal at a football game or write a couple of letters. Why aren't more of us doing more of this?

The Collateral Damage Is Central

By David Swanson

The collateral damage in Iraq is most of the damage, and intentionally producing it is most of the mission. This is one of the conclusions I take away from an important new book by Chris Hedges and Laila Al-Arian called "Collateral Damage: America's War Against Iraqi Civilians."

"I Am So Opposed"

By David Swanson

Our representatives in Congress and our candidates for president are so opposed to the occupation of Iraq that, rather than funding a withdrawal, they are now proposing to fund the continuation of the occupation, as is, for the rest of Bush and Cheney's terms plus a big chunk of the next administration / Congress. Suddenly $102 billion is $170 billion. Except that, unlike that loaves and fishes routine, somebody will have to pay for this - pay China for this money we're borrowing - and that somebody will be our grandchildren.

How to Keep Military Recruiters Out of Your High School

Pat Elder serves on the Coordinating Committee of the National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth, NNOMY, Well known in the national peace and justice scene, Pat has been organizing resistance to the Bush administration’s wars since 2001. Based in the DC area, Pat works with a wide range of groups, attempting to confront the militarization of the nation’s high schools. Pat will be speaking live this evening, April 16th, and taking your questions, between 8 and 9 p.m. ET. Go to: to learn more. Go to to listen live. You'll find instructions there to enter a paltalk chat room where you can post questions. You can also phone in and ask Pat your questions on the air. Call in tollfree from anywhere in the United States or Canada at 888-228-4494 or anywhere else in the world at 877-489-6350. Following the show, the audio file will be posted at and you can find there now the recordings of numerous shows with amazing guests. To support The People Speak Radio please donate at

From Inside a Cage at Guantanamo

By David Swanson

The guards at Guantanamo are terrified. Even a man with no legs (amputated after being intentionally exposed to extreme cold by American guards in Afghanistan) is treated as a horrifying threat: