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Blue Virginia

By David Swanson

Virginia and the rest of the old South always voted for Democrats for president when the Democratic party stood for racism, and for Republicans when the Republican party stood for racism, until tonight. Virginia just voted for a Democrat for president, while the Republican party still carries the banner of racism. In fact, the Republican candidates played up their racism more this year than in other recent elections. In addition, the Democratic candidate was black. It's a new South.

Al Gore Comments on "Do Not Concede" Letter to Obama

By David Swanson

Former Vice President, and the man elected president in November 2000, Al Gore was asked on the radio this morning about a letter that Gore Vidal and many others have sent to presidential candidate Barack Obama urging him not to concede a stolen election.

Pentagon Post Demanding President Obama Be More Pro-War and Fast

Here's David Ignatius in the Washington Post:

What if Iraq begins to slip back toward civil war? President Bush kept Iraq intact long enough that success or failure will belong to the next president.

How and Why I Just Voted

By David Swanson

Having spent the past several years trying to end wars and militarism, I have just voted for a presidential candidate who seems intent on expanding them.

Having won the Democratic primary largely on the strength of his extremely limited and inconsistent opposition to the war on Iraq, Senator Barack Obama chose as his running mate Senator Joe Biden, a man who had led efforts in the U.S. Senate to support the invasion. Obama's staff have told reporters that he is inclined to keep Robert Gates on as Secretary of War (or "Defense") -- exactly the same plan proposed by Senator John McCain's campaign. Obama has said he'd like Colin Powell to be a part of his administration, and repeatedly announced that his cabinet will include Republicans. Obama has approached Congressman Rahm Emanuel about becoming his chief of staff.

The Attorney General Candidate Who Promises to Prosecute Bush

Ask her about it yourself tonight online.

Charlotte Dennett is running for Attorney General of the state of Vermont.

David Swanson will be interviewing Charlotte Dennett with your help this Wednesday evening, October 29, 2008, 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Go to to listen live. You'll find instructions there to enter a paltalk chat room where you can post questions.

Frank Breaks Taboo on Military Spending

By David Swanson

When a Congress member steps forward and courageously articulates a forbidden truth that is absolutely necessary for our survival and well-being (and by "our" I mean our species, not just our nation), he must be praised, rewarded, and defended at all costs, without question or hesitation. This is the situation we are in with Congressman Barney Frank having just blurted out the obvious but taboo fact that the U.S. military budget must be cut. "If we are going to get the deficit under control without slashing every domestic program, this is a necessity," Frank said, proposing to cut military spending by 25 percent.

Rep. Sherman Feels Heat for Reporting on Threat of Martial Law

By David Swanson

Congressman Brad Sherman said on the floor of the House that a few Congress members had been told there would be martial law in America if they did not pass Paulson's Plunder. Here's video.

Virgil Goode Claims to Represent Real Virginia

By David Swanson

Watch this offensive clip from a recent Virgil Goode rally with remarks by Virginia State Delegate Don Merricks and Congressman Virgil Goode:

I grew up in Fairfax County, in Northern Virginia, and I've lived for several years in the Fifth District, currently misrepresented by Virgil Goode, who I would think would be the last person to want to bring up discussions of real and fake. His solution to disastrous economic policies is to support them and bash immigrants. That's a fake solution. His solution to the related disaster of foreign occupations is to support and fund them but bash Muslims. That's a fake solution. I didn't cease to be a fake person when I moved down here. I just acquired a fake representative in Congress who should be shown a real door on November 4th.

Not Only McCain Palled Around With Pinochet

By David Swanson

The Huffington Post has dug up, and the Daily Kos and everybody else are commenting on evidence that McCain held a private secret meeting with Chilean dictator and torturer General Augusto Pinochet. But this is not just a story about John McCain's hypocrisy (what a shock that would be!). It's a teachable moment, and in two senses.