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19 Percent of Americans Approve of George W. Bush, Congress STILL Won't Impeach Him

By David Swanson

George W. Bush has set a record for unpopularity that may stand for all time: He now has a 19 percent approval rating. And, remember that Cheney has always polled LOWER than Bush. Imagine if the Democrats were to do something we care about (preserving the Constitution) by doing something they care about (winning elections) by forcing John McCain to choose between supporting impeachment and supporting these characters who may soon be less popular than the flu. Remember, Congress moved to impeach Nixon and STILL nobody liked him, but he was more pupular than Bush or Cheney: He stayed at around 25 percent through the process. Clinton climbed from about 60 to 65 percent as a reaction to Congress prying into his personal life and attacking him for a non-impeachable offense. Which scenario do YOU think is more like the current one, Clinton's impeachment or Nixon's? Truman's popularity sank as Congress moved to impeach him too, but it never sank as low as Bush's and Cheney's.

THURSDAY Feb. 21: "You are NOT a Lap Dog!" Call-In Day

Call Speaker Pelosi at 202-225-0100 and Majority Leader Hoyer at 202-225-4131. Tell them to stay strong against warrantless wiretapping and billions more for the Iraq war. READ MORE.

The Constitution of the Homeland of America: Revised Abridged Edition

By David Swanson

We the people of the Homeland, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, kill the terrorists, lock up the immigrants, and honor our Commander in Chief, do promise to vote, and shop, and watch the television news sometimes, and definitely to vote. Details follow.

Feingold Sets Up Republicans to Win Two More Filibusters

By David Swanson

Senator Russ Feingold (D., Wisc.) is preparing to give the Republicans in the Senate two more opportunities next week to grandstand and filibuster in favor of the occupation of Iraq. They will, of course, do so; and they will, of course, win.

Voting on Faith

Machines can’t be trusted to get elections right
By David Swanson, C'ville Weekly

How can we be sure our votes in the February 12 primaries were properly counted? We can trust and hope, but we cannot be certain. Charlottesville uses DRE voting machines (Directly Recording Electronic voting machines). While the city brags that these are not touch-screen machines, because we turn a dial instead of touching a screen, the problems are the same. The machines we use have produced noticeable errors in some places around the country, such as displaying on the final page for confirmation different selections from those the voter had made. But the major danger lies in the unnoticeable.

Happy Presidents' Day

By David Swanson

Today we celebrate Washington, Lincoln, and all our presidents, dead, living, and among the living dead.

We honor Washington who chose to step down after two terms and remarked on the occassion, long before President Eisenhower, that our nation must:

Rep. Leonard Boswell Signs onto Cheney Impeachment

By David Swanson

Congressman Leonard Boswell, right-wing Democrat from Iowa'a third district, would apparently like to avoid the fate of Congressman Al Wynn in Maryland. Al Wynn nearly lost a primary in 2006 to a challenger from his left, Donna Edwards. He transformed himself from one of the most corporate and militaristic members of Congress into one of the most responsive to his constituents, reversing his position on the occupation of Iraq and signing onto articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney. It wasn't enough to save him, as Edwards showed Wynn the door in the 2008 primary earlier this month.

Zoe Lofgren, Closet Impeacher

By David Swanson

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren wants Cheney and Bush impeached, removed from office, prosecuted, and incarcerated, and she won't admit it. Nine members of the House Judiciary Committee on which she serves want Cheney impeached, or at least want to begin impeachment hearings (which everyone knows comes to the same thing). And once you impeach Cheney, the crimes will be on the table and the rest will almost certainly follow.

Press TV Report: Bush Versus Congress

Next time you plan to watch US corporate media news, don't bother. Instead, go here and click on
"12 Feb. 2008
President Bush versus Congress".
Good program.

Obamessives and Obamicans

By David Swanson

A friend just described to me the scene last weekend in Richmond, Va., prior to the Tuesday Virginia primary in which Obama trounced Clinton. Both of them spoke at a Democratic Party dinner in Richmond, and a huge crowd outside and inside cheered and screamed, reportedly mostly for Obama. My friend said she'd not felt the same thing since the 1963 march on Washington. She said the crowd was mixed in terms of age and race in a way she hadn't seen since then. She, like many of us, is used to attending peace rallies full of old white people. She said the crowd was for Obama, that after Clinton had spoken and left the Governor introduced Obama with "And now for the main event...," and the place went insane with cheering.

Now, I suspect that a lot of Obama supporters think he is more progressive than he is, imagine he's far less militaristic and corporate than he says he is ininterviews, debates, and in his second book. But my friend had read his first book, and she also knew what is needed to get past the corporate media guardians of U.S. election booths. She, as I suspect many are doing, put her hope in the notion that Obama is faking his corporate militarism in order to get past GE, Fox, Viacom, and Disney, and once he's elected he'll be a real progressive. I'm putting what little hope I have in a slightly different place. My hope is that the people filling the streets in Richmond will continue to fill the streets after Obama moves into the White House. My hope is that a movement can arise that will force Obama to be what we need him to be.

Obamessives, progressives enthused by Obama, may believe he's a progressive now, or may place their faith in his imagined intention to be the intelligent decent author of his first book as soon as he's elected, or may place their faith in their own power to compell him to be something great. In any case, there are millions of Obamessives roaming the country, many of them young and new to politics. I share the enthusiasm for two reasons: they exist, and together we are accomplishing the first good thing in US politics in a long, long time (except for Donna Edwards' win): we are defeating Hillary Clinton.