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Rally in Richmond Va for Peace on 6th Anniversary of Iraq Invasion

March 19, 2009, 5:30 p.m., Kanawha Plaza, Richmond, Virginia

We will gather in downtown Richmond to mark the 6th anniversary of the occupation of Iraq, with an action and rally to express support for a major shift in our country's priorities.

Six Years of Illegal War: Demand Accountability

Six Years of Illegal War: Demand Accountability

Prosecute Bush and Cheney

We are fast approaching the end of the sixth year since the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and seven and a half in Afghanistan. There has been no accountability for the criminals who launched these wars of aggression. The current congress and president are continuing both and escalating one.

But awareness and public pressure continue to grow, as does the possibility of criminal prosecution for some of the war crimes. Over 150 groups are asking the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor for Bush and Cheney. You can add your name or your organization, and find a dozen other easy steps to take here:

One Step Forward, Two Steps Toward Monarchy

By David Swanson

It has become almost commonplace, since the release last week of seven "legal" opinions written in 2001 and 2002 by the Justice Department, to remark that unbeknownst to us we came within an inch of dictatorship. And with President Obama announcing an end to torture and a new policy on signing statements, it is extremely common to speak as if we are moving quickly and deliberately in the opposite direction. But this picture is far too simplistic.

Dave Norris for Charlottesville City Council

Join us to celebrate the launch of Mayor Dave Norris' campaign for another term on the Charlottesville City Council! Meet Dave, learn about his top priorities for progressive leadership over the next four years and find out how you can get involved the campaign.

David Swanson on Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox Radio Show

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox Green 960 online and on radio!
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This Sunday (the 8th, from 2-3pst), Cindy chats with super-activist,
David Swanson from After Downing Street Coalition

An Anti-War Response to Obama's Iraq Plan

If you are in agreement with this statement, please make a copy of it, sign it, and send it to the White House and your representatives in Congress. This is a critical time to weigh in. Putting this in the regular mail, as opposed to email, can give it more political weight. It is more effort, but it is worth it.

Demand Single-Payer on March 5, 10, 11th

If you want everyone in the United States to have health coverage simply paid for by the government for less money than we spend now, eliminating all health insurance companies, but allowing you to choose any private doctor or hospital of your choice, and boosting the economy with a net gain of 2.6 million jobs ...

and if you can be near a telephone or be in Washington, D.C., on March 5th, 10th, or 11th, keep reading.

Here's an announcement of the March 5th event from Physicians for a National Health Program:

White Coats To Crowd the White House Gate Thursday
March 5, 12pm -1pm The White House Lafayette Park, Washington, DC

Doctors criticize exclusion of single-payer advocates from summit

President Obama is holding a Healthcare Summit on Thursday, March 5th. Over 120 are expected to be in attendance, including representatives from Americas Health Insurance Plans, the largest group of private health insurance lobbyists.

Guess Who Wants to Appoint a Special Prosecutor

142 Organizations Agree With Leading Senators and Congress Members: The Crimes of Bush, Cheney, and Other Top Officials Must Be Prosecuted

Statement on Prosecution of Former High Officials

We urge Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a non-partisan independent Special Counsel to immediately commence a prosecutorial investigation into the most serious alleged crimes of former President George W. Bush, former Vice President Richard B. Cheney, the attorneys formerly employed by the Department of Justice whose memos sought to justify torture, and other former top officials of the Bush Administration.

Power Shift in the Air

By David Swanson

This weekend in Washington, D.C., there was a lot of preparation for Monday's massive civil disobedience for clean energy at the Capitol power plant. Nonviolence trainings, sign creation, conferences. On Sunday night, just before it began snowing hard, I attended a gathering of authors, poets, singers, and the lead organizers of the action in a large university auditorium, and blogged as follows:

Why Dems Liked Mukasey Better Than Holder

By David Swanson

Democrats in Congress respected former Attorney General Michael Mukasey beyond any measure he appeared to have earned, and to the extent of fully expecting him to perform his duties even in the most difficult circumstances. In contrast, the same Congress members do not believe Attorney General Eric Holder is up to the job.