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General William Odom Says Impeach and Stop the Funding

By David Swanson

In a wide-ranging hour-long discussion on live radio, General William Odom said he sees two useful things Congress can do: cease funding the occupation of Iraq, and impeach Bush and Cheney.

Online Radio: Gen. William Odom to Discuss Iraq and Warantless Spying Live and Take Your Questions

Please join me, and call in with your questions Monday evening, March 17, 2008, 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. ET. My guest will be retired General and former Director of the National Security Agency William Odom. We'll be discussing the occupation of Iraq, now entering its sixth year, and other abuses of power including warantless wiretapping. Listen in at

Phone in with your questions toll-free from the U.S. and Canada at 888-228-4494, and from the rest of the world at 877-489-6350.

The Day After Bombing Iran VIDEO

John Perry reading words of David Swanson.

12 Year Olds Know Government Better Than Adults

New Poll: 12 Year Olds Know Congress Could Cut War Money, Adults Believe Congress Powerless to End Iraq Occupation
By David Swanson

A pair of new polls may suggest the power of falsehoods repeated ad infinitum on our televisions and in our newspapers. The first poll asked 2,000 American 12 year olds whether Congress has the power to end the occupation of Iraq. Minorities believed Congress did not, or believed it could do so if the Democrats had larger majorities. But a 61 percent majority of those polled believed that Congress could simply stop funding the occupation, and that the Democrats in Congress had sufficient majorities to accomplish this without any Republican assistance.

Make McCain Choose

By David Swanson

What if Senator John McCain were forced to choose an extremely and increasingly unpopular position and stand by it for months as it became less and less popular?

No, I don't mean his support for a permanent occupation of Iraq. Nobody forced him to take that position, and Senator Barack Obama is not exactly taking optimal advantage of it. Were Obama opposing the occupation, committing to filibuster further funding, promising to prosecute the architects of the war, devoting himself to bringing our troops home and taking a different approach toward the world, then McCain might find himself in a jam. Obama's "redeployment" to Afghanistan schtick, and his refusal to filibuster the funding, leave McCain looking like the tough and decisive choice.

The Day After the Bombing of Iran

By David Swanson

Imagine yourself sitting down transfixed and watching video footage of U.S. bombs hitting Iran. You see children ripped limb from limb, mothers screaming and wailing, people panicked, tortured, traumatized, and killed. Imagine asking yourself at that point: What was I doing these past many months that I thought was more important than preventing this?