Bush's Fate and Bugliosi's New Movie

Tag: Prosecution

By David Swanson

One of the best features of a visit to Los Angeles is the opportunity to hang out with the guy who put Charles Manson in prison, the most successful criminal prosecutor we're ever likely to see, Vince Bugliosi (105 convictions in 106 felony jury trials, 21 convictions in 21 murder trials). I spoke with him on Tuesday about his forthcoming documentary film (pre-order DVD here ).


How Mike Capuano Can Become the Next Senator from MA

Tag: Elections

By David Swanson

Congratulations are in order for Congressman and senate-candidate Mike Capuano of Massachusetts for openly acknowledging that Dick Cheney should be prosecuted for his crimes.

Calling Dick Cheney a vampire recently helped Congressman Alan Grayson raise over 1/2 million dollars in a day. But for Capuano to light the sort of fire needed for him to win (or for Grayson to continue exciting people, for that matter) is going to require actions as well as words.

Here's the action that would put Capuano over the top and energize supporters across the country.

Introduce a 1-sentence bill, as was done on Alberto Gonzales leading to his departure, reading:


Party at John Yoo's House Sunday: You're Invited

Tag: Civil Rights

November 22, 2009, Bay Area, CA

* 10-11 a.m. protest at John Yoo's (Torture Professor) house, 1241 Grizzly Peak Blvd., Berkeley, CA

Followed by events on David Swanson's book tour: "Daybreak, Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union"

* 12:00 p.m. in downtown Walnut Creek Community Center 1375 Civic Drive (in Civic Park) Walnut Creek 94596 925-933-7850

* 3 p.m. at DIESEL, A Bookstore in Oakland 5433 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618, (510) 653-9965

* 7:30 PM in the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Hall, 1924 Cedar at Bonita, 1 block East of MLK Jr. Way Wheelchair accessible. Donation requested. Co-sponsored by the BFUU Social Justice Committee




Tag: Peace and War

By David Swanson

I had to read a lot of books about the current war and occupation in Iraq before I found one that's laugh out-loud hilarious. It's a book about a U.S. military hospital in Iraq, a journal kept for a 10-month tour of duty by an operating room medic. The story never leaves the hospital, and it focuses in large part on the relationships among the characters working there, including pranks and hijinks aplenty. One almost inevitably thinks of MASH and its fictional Army hospital in Korea, but there are major differences.

World Beyond War

War Is A Crime

Talk Nation Radio

There Is No Way To Peace

Peace is the way.

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