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In The Loop: Awesome Anti-War Comedy Feature Film Coming from Britain in June

Check out our friend Mimi Kennedy who has a major role in this:

Mimi may have gotten the part because of her recording of the Downing Street Minutes.

Healthcare Has a Chance on the House Side of the Hill, Peace Maybe Too

By David Swanson

I left a hearing this morning at which senators debated the merits of torturing people (Lindsay Graham took the pro-torture side). I went to a rally for single-payer healthcare in Upper Senate Park. No senators were there. Yesterday Senator Baucus had more doctors and nurses arrested for asking to speak in a hearing. But House members, including John Conyers and Jim McGovern crossed the hill to be at the rally.

Baucus Arrests Five More Doctors, Nurses, Activists

By David Swanson

Dr. Margaret Flowers, who was arrested along with seven others at the first Senate Finance Committee hearing on healthcare, just phoned me from the second one. As Chairman Max Baucus called the hearing to order, about 20 members of the California Nurses Association (CNA) stood and turned their backs on the committee. Pasted on their backs were signs reading: "Nurses Say: Patients First," "Stop AHIP," (referring to health insurance lobbyists), "Pass Single Payer."

200 Orgs Ask for Special Prosecutor for Cheney and Bush

200 Organizations Ask Holder to Appoint a Special Prosecutor for Bush, Cheney, et alia

Marcy Winograd Will Be the Best Member of Congress We Have in 2011

Here's what Norman Solomon says about Marcy, about Jane "cover up Bush's spying" Harman, and about challenging incumbents. Every incumbent should be challenged from the left in this country every time. Waiting for a candidate as awful as Harman is pretty low standards. If we're going to bomb people around the world in the name of democracy, the least we could do would be to have one!

Will Holder Have a Different Answer Than Mukasey?

National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance
May 11, 2009

Attorney General Eric Holder
United States Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20530

Dear Sir:

We are writing on behalf of the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance. We are concerned citizens who tried to prevent the illegal invasion of Iraq. While we were unsuccessful, we have been devoting much time and energy to convince Congress to end the occupation. Over time we discovered that the Bush-Cheney administration has engaged in illegal behavior leading up to the war and afterwards.

So Much for "Disciplining" Bybee Without Impeaching or Prosecuting Him, But Bush and Cheney Not Helped

Jay Bybee is a member of the D.C. bar and could be complained about there and disbarred, since apparently enforcing the laws he violated or impeaching him would just be too much trouble. Except that, as Gordon Clark pointed out to me, the Washington Post just printed a letter from the "senior legal ethics counsel for the District of Columbia Bar" essentially objecting the existence of ethics:

Regarding the May 7 news story "Experts Say Authors of Memos May Avoid Professional Sanctions":

The story discussed the difficulties inherent in efforts to impose professional sanctions on Bush administration lawyers who drafted memoranda supporting the harsh interrogation of terrorist suspects.

If a client instructs his lawyer, "I want to perform a certain act; find me a legal way to do it," the lawyer's professional duty is to find a good-faith basis in the law to meet the client's needs while carefully advising the client of the risks of pursuing such a course of action. Such a lawyer not only acts well within the Rules of Professional Conduct, but he also serves his client well.

Waterboarding is a perfect example. A lawyer may personally believe that such a practice constitutes torture, but there is, at the very least, a good-faith argument to be made that it is not -- as evidenced by the fact that even now respected authorities argue that this is not torture. Thus, even if the ultimate arbiter decides that waterboarding is torture, that does not mean that lawyers who advised to the contrary should be professionally disciplined.



The writer is senior legal ethics counsel for the District of Columbia Bar.

The really good news here is that for people who think like this and want to protect mafia lawyers like Bybee, Bush and Cheney are not provided any cover by the "good faith" memos. The memos are merely opinions, not laws. A court can admit the obvious, that waterboarding is torture, and put Bush and Cheney in prison for it.

Three Worst Reasons to Delay Putting Cheney in Prison

By David Swanson

#1: Cheney says that he and Bush ordered torture but did nothing wrong.

On Sunday, Cheney said: "The fact of the matter is that these [torture] techniques that we're talking about are used on our own people. In the SERE program that in effect trains our people with respect to capture and evasion and so forth, and escape, a lot of them go through these same exact procedures."

If this were true, participants in the SERE program would be kidnapped and tortured by people willing to kill them. They would be waterboarded believing they might be drowned. This would be done upwards of 100 times. They would be hung hanged by their wrists, beaten, electroshocked, deprived of sleep, stripped naked and exposed to cold, attacked by dogs, slammed against walls, kept in isolation, and in many cases killed, in many other cases driven insane.