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Perriello v. Goode: Virginia's Fifth Congressional District

By David Swanson

The Fifth District of Virginia, and anyone nearby who can lend a hand, should do everything possible to elect Tom Perriello to Congress this year. The most important reason to do so is to replace Virgil Goode.

American Samaritans

By David Swanson

There are probably three things necessary if the United States government is to better provide for the American people: First, expose as baseless and harmful the pseudoscientific theories that claim to show that helping people actually hurts them, that charity is cruelty, that a higher minimum wage hurts workers, that health coverage leads to poor habits and health, that altruism doesn't "really" exist and therefore should not be engaged in, etc. Second, recount for people enough stories of actual altruism, both individual and collective, that they understand its power and are inspired to engage in it and promote it. Third, make some systemic changes in our government so that the will of the people, thus developed, can have some impact on it.

Guess Who's Coming to the Impeachment

How They'll Try to Bury Impeachment and Fail
By David Swanson

In response to public demand for impeachment hearings and pressure from Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Congressman Robert Wexler, and others, as well as electoral challenges by pro-impeachment candidates, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally caved and proposed to allow Kucinich to present impeachment in a Judiciary Committee hearing.

A Brief Chronology of the Bush-Cheney Impeachment Movement

June 2005 - Ranking minority member John Conyers holds unofficial hearing without subpoena power and is not taken seriously.

December 2005 - Conyers proposes the creation of a special committee to investigate impeachment.

May 2006 - The Republican National Committee baselessly claims talk of impeachment will benefit Republicans, Nancy Pelosi promises never to impeach.

August 2006 - Conyers publishes a lengthy report in which the Judiciary Committee minority staff documents impeachable offenses, including numerous felonies, committed by Bush and Cheney.

November 2006 - With polls showing the public believing that a Democratic Congress will mean impeachment, the public overwhelmingly elects a Democratic Congress.

July 2008 - House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, who still has no subpoena power, holds an unofficial hearing, expects to be taken seriously this time.

English Translation of a John Conyers Press Release

By David Swanson

Below is the original text of a July 17, 2008, media advisory from House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers in the original Pelosiconi, followed by the English in all caps.