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Spring Break for Iraq

By David Swanson

I'm honored to have been included in this event and applaud what Our Spring Break and DC Students for a Democratic Society are doing here in cold, wet Washington, D.C., for spring break.

Torture Revealed Yet Again

By David Swanson

As with the evidence that Bush, Cheney, and gang intentionally lied us into a war, or the evidence of illegal and unconstitutional spying, each time a major new piece of evidence of torture emerges, it is impossible not to hope that this is the one that will compel the Justice Department or Congress or the courts or the American people to act decisively. Certainly I hope that, right now, the day after Mark Danner reported on a report from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

David Swanson on the Urban Journal

I'm on tonight's Urban Journal at Here's a link to the audio. That's part 1 of the program. Listen to the other parts at

Vietnam If Kennedy Had Lived?

"Virtual JFK" a film exploring the possible fate of Vietnam if Kennedy had lived, will be showing at Vinegar Hill Theatre on March 21 and 22 at 2:00 p.m. ONLY. Here's a statement from the director, Koji Masutani:

From one end of the globe to another, across one sector to another we face crisis. From the global economy to international menaces, the President must lead the U.S. through thickets that involve complex and difficult challenges.

In matters of international affairs, how do we extricate from the war in Iraq? How do we counter the North Korean nuclear weapon gambit? How do we prop up Afghanistan as it melts down, and how is the resurgent Taliban kept at bay?

VIRTUAL JFK is a relevant film that addresses these questions by looking at the way President Kennedy dealt with six deep foreign policy crises (Cuba to Vietnam) without going to war. Combining footage from numerous Kennedy press conferences, in-depth interviews and a close reading of the documentary record, the film argues that critical decisions about the use of restraint and coercive diplomacy often require greater acts of courage than the use of force, and that character matters greatly in Presidential leadership.

Electing Charlottesville City Council

By David Swanson

Thus far there are three candidates for two Democratic nominations for Charlottesville City Council. Dave Norris is currently the mayor and is running for reelection on a strong agenda and record. The teeny bit I've been able to follow, he seems more than anyone to be leading worthwhile projects. He's also in close touch with grassroots groups and advocates he should be in touch with. And he's willing to take a stand. When the Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice proposed a resolution against attacking Iran, he was willing to do it, and none of the other four City Council Members was.

You Are Friends With an Atheist

By David Swanson

If you live in the United States, you are almost certainly friends with at least one atheist, agnostic, nonbeliever, skeptic, or unaffiliated humanist, whether you know it or not. And your friend almost certainly endures prejudice and unequal treatment, whether you know it or not. And your friend is roughly as decent, good, loyal, honest, courageous, and generous as your other friends, and you know it.

Signing Statementing Our Way to Empire

By David Swanson

President Obama's second signing statement has generated a great deal of news coverage referring to it as his first. And the coverage largely suffers from the shadow of Obama's predecessor (and of Bush's fat sidekick), not to mention the shadow of Obama's recent statement about signing statements.

Rally in Richmond Va for Peace on 6th Anniversary of Iraq Invasion

March 19, 2009, 5:30 p.m., Kanawha Plaza, Richmond, Virginia

We will gather in downtown Richmond to mark the 6th anniversary of the occupation of Iraq, with an action and rally to express support for a major shift in our country's priorities.

Six Years of Illegal War: Demand Accountability

Six Years of Illegal War: Demand Accountability

Prosecute Bush and Cheney

We are fast approaching the end of the sixth year since the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and seven and a half in Afghanistan. There has been no accountability for the criminals who launched these wars of aggression. The current congress and president are continuing both and escalating one.

But awareness and public pressure continue to grow, as does the possibility of criminal prosecution for some of the war crimes. Over 150 groups are asking the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor for Bush and Cheney. You can add your name or your organization, and find a dozen other easy steps to take here: