A Furniture Craftsman

Some of the best-looking and longest-lasting traditional
wooden furniture in this part of the country can

Town Manager is Sacked

Town Manager Tony Hooper has been fired.
Following a 40-minute discussion in closed session
Tuesday night, Town Council returned to open session
and voted, 8-1 with Sam Found in opposition, to fire
Hooper effective immediately. His pay ($76,694 annually)
will continue through May 31, including

Man Threatened, Locked in Trunk, Terrified for Sport

George C. Page Jr. took time away from bagging
groceries at the Orange Food Lion Monday evening to
recount his night of terror last weekend in Culpeper (see
story in this week's hard copy).

Center Cares for Abused Children

"We're the best-kept secret in Culpeper County," said
Brian Cook, director of community resources at the Alice
C. Tyler Village of Childhelp East in Lignum. The village
is a treatment center for some of the most seriously
abused and neglected children in Virginia.

County Raises Taxes Infinitesimally; Fire Rains Down From Heaven

The County Board of Supervisors voted last Thursday
to raise the real-estate tax rate eight cents. The 4-3 vote
raised the tax rate to 82 cents per $100 of assessed value,
far short of the 23-cent rate hike that had been advertised
for public hearing, but more than the five-cent hike that
had also been considered.

Professor Teaches Prisoners

Joel Tate, 58, a Germanna professor who has lived in
Culpeper since 1976, tells the story of a day in one of his
sociology classes when a student he calls Mr. Computer
read aloud a short story he'd written.
The story was about a middle-class couple who ran
into a boy on the street. Mr. Computer had written it after
reading an assigned book called "There Are No Children
Here," which described gang life in Chicago.

Beloved Doctor Closes Up Shop -- Victim of HMOification

Doctor Clara Eden, 41, has closed the medical practice
that she operated for seven years on Piedmont Street, and
many of her approximately 2,000 patients believe they will
be unable to find anyone to take her place.
As often as not they have to speak through tears when
asked about this loss. Eden herself can't refrain from
crying when discussing her decision.

Rappahannock River in Danger

This is the fourth in a series of five articles on the
Rappahannock River.
Some local residents concerned with the future of the
Rappahannock River are taking an interest in a public
hearing set for next Wednesday on a wastewater treatment
plant the county has proposed that would discharge into the

Rappahannock River Seen as Lesser Concern Than Corporate Profits and Sacred Right to Muck up Private Property

This is the third in a series of articles about the Rappahannock River.

On Tuesday the Board of Supervisors voted to schedule a joint informational meeting with the
Department of Conservation and Recreation to address the public and hear concerns about DCR

Yawn of the Milenium

In recent months

World Beyond War


War Is A Crime

Talk Nation Radio

There Is No Way To Peace

Peace is the way.

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