Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook - David Swanson, Richard Boyce, and J9 Jan 21, 2008

This week: American activist David Swanson on election year politics at home and abroad, Vancouver Island documentary filmmaker, environmental activist, and campaigner for the homeless, Richard Boyce on the back room deals delivering public forest lands into the hands of Big Timber; and, Janine Bandcroft brings us up to speed on good local goings-on in the coming week. LISTEN HERE.

Plans in the Works to Stop-Loss Congress

By David Swanson

The peace movement is planning 10 days of resistance in March 2008. New additions to the plans include an effort to "stop-loss" Congress. Here's a schedule from http://resistinmarch.org

A Letter from the Lurch

By David Swanson

Check out this letter I just received by Email:

The lurch was first mentioned in Dante's "Purgatorio," and I had always wanted to go there. What can I say? I'm an adventurer. That's one reason I joined the military in the first place. Well, that and all the lies about money and college and not having to serve in Iraq. When I'd completed my third tour in Iraq and they stop-lossed me, it felt at least as bad as a ticket to purgatory. How could I stay still longer in this real world hell?

A Solution for the Peace Movement

By David Swanson

Congress has the power to bring all troops, mercenaries, and contractors home safely this year. The cost of bringing them home is minimal and already covered by funds appropriated for wars and for a military budget that eats up over half of every tax dollar. We cannot afford another year of damaged world relations, of dead bodies, and of enormous financial expense. Representatives can commit to voting No on any appropriations bill that would give another dime to the occupation of Iraq, and can demonstrate their seriousness by voting No even on bringing such bills up for a vote. Senators can and must commit to filibustering the same type of bills. It takes 41 senators or 51% of representatives to apply a tourniquet to this disaster, stop the bleeding, and bring our men and women home. There could be no better economic stimulus plan than investing all the money we're wasting in Iraq in the U.S. economy.

Peace Movement's Options in 2008

By David Swanson

What should the peace movement do in 2008 to speed the end of the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, bring home the troops and mercenaries and contractors, and stop draining trillions of dollars out of Americans' pockets for an expense that most of us do not want? And what should all organizations do whose domestic missions are devastated by the occupations' drain on the national treasury?

Randi Rhodes Puts Robert Wexler Over 200,000

By David Swanson

The Randi Rhodes Show worked its magic today just as it used to do for www.afterdowningstreet.org almost three years ago. Congressman Robert Wexler came on and discussed the need for Cheney impeachment hearings. His petition at http://wexlerwantshearings.com passed the 200,000 mark before the show was over.

I live blogged this:

3:25 Randi just said that Conyers phoned her last night to chat, and she brought up impeachment, and he refused to talk about it, said that he'd just called to chat. Apparently he's trying to make friends with people he was friends with two and a half years ago when he was pushing for impeachment. He's feeling the pressure bad and hasn't figured out what to do.

3:27 Randi is playing part of Wexler's floor speech on impeachment from Tuesday evening...

Hangin' in the Office With Nancy P.

By David Swanson

I had been to Nancy Pelosi's office in the Cannon House Office Building before. In fact, I'd been there several times and usually had a pleasant stay, often very quick and efficient, other times prolonged by everyone's enjoyment of the songs my friends in pink were singing, and as often as not resulting in new friendships with fine officers of the Capitol Police who accompanied us out. This time was going to be different.

Congressional Progressive Caucus: Economy Going to Hell Fast

By David Swanson

Live Blogging Progressive Caucus Hearing on Economy

January 16, 2008 - I'm in the Cannon House Office Building Caucus Room, and it's much fuller than it has been in the past for some recent Congressional Progressive Caucus events. That's encouraging. But the few Congress Members who were here at the start of the event have left to go vote. Other than the Caucus Co-Chairs Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee, who offered opening remarks, I only noticed Sheila Jackson Lee here briefly.

What MLK Said About Change

By David Swanson

These are some of the words of Martin Luther King Jr.:

"The nonviolent strategy has been to dramatize the evils of our society in such a way that pressure is brought to bear against those evils by the forces of good will in the community and change is produced. The student sit-ins of 1960 are a classic illustration of this method....