Lt. Governor John Garamendi, SB City Councilmember Helene Schneider,'s David Swanson

Until 2005 multimillionaires could make the Forbes 400 richest Americans, but for 2006 it took $1.3 Billion. The economy's doing great for a few folks. Cheney says the US won't let Iran "go nuclear" and we accuse them "directing missions in Iraq." The run-up to the Iran War is the same as the Iraq War and we buy it. Sen. Chris Dodd calls for new leadership in the Senate, and Verizon and AT&T give over $42,000 to Sen. Jay Rockerfeller to buy legal immunity for participating in the NSA spying scandal thet was up and running BRFORE Sept. 11. Oh...9/11 Rudy's top CA fundraiseer is resusitating the June ballot measure to steal 20-22 of California's electoral votes.

We're Sorry Too, Pete

By David Swanson

We're at least as sorry as you are, Pete. You can be sure that your apology hurts us more than it hurts you. And it's a safe bet it'll hurt Iraqis and Iranians even more.

On Monday a big group of us packed into your DC office, Pete, and presented your Chief of Staff Debra Curtis with a Spine Award to present to you. We discussed scheduling a time to present you with a full blown backbone statue from the Backbone Campaign, an award given out only to those in public life who display exceptional backbone. Usually congress members show even more backbone after receiving an award. I don't know if Curtis knew that you were, even then, preparing to bend your weak back down to the ground and plead with the president and the media to please deliver some swift kicks to your sorry apologetic ass. If so, she didn't let on.

Events in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Venice, Los Angeles

Friday, November 2

6:30 p.m. - Impeach Bush and Cheney Meetup with Ann Wright, David Swanson, and Augustin Aguayo. Veteran's Memorial Building, 112 West Cabrillo Boulevard, Auditorium, first floor, Santa Barbara, CA. Contact, 805-895-8030. Here's flyer.

Peace Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning

By David Swanson

If you haven't already, you really should read Chris Hedges' book "War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning." The portrait of war and wartime propaganda and emotion is brilliant and deadly accurate. But the headline is misleading. War does not give us lasting solid self-assured meaning. War gives us a temporary high that is rooted in desperate self-deception. Hedges' book carries on the cover a photo of people with candles and U.S. flags, holding hands, eyes closed, mouths open. These people are smoking crack, they're taking a two-week cruise of the Caribbean, they're on stage at American Idol, they're kneeling in church, they're tapping shoes in airport men's rooms. These people are escaping from their lives, not building lives that mean something to them.

It Was Never About Children's Health

By David Swanson

Beginning last November and ever since, I have repeated a standard conversation with many Congress Members and staffers. It starts out with me urging them to impeach Bush and Cheney. They then stress all their other priorities that this would supposedly distract from, including often children's health insurance (SCHIP). I then tell them that any decent bill on any issue will be vetoed. They then get a very clever strategerizing look in their eyes and say something like "I know, but then we're not a do-nothing Congress. Bush is a do-nothing president."

Hillary, Weapons, and Cash


Clinton Bucks Trend, Rakes in Cash From Weapons Industry
By Leonard Doyle, Independent UK

The US arms industry is backing Hillary Clinton for President and has all but abandoned its traditional allies in the Republican party. Mrs Clinton has also emerged as Wall Street's favourite. Investment bankers have opened their wallets in unprecedented numbers for the New York senator over the past three months and, in the process, dumped their earlier favourite, Barack Obama.

U.S. Will Tip Its Hand Before Attacking Iran

By David Swanson

If Bush and Cheney attack Iran, we will almost certainly know it's coming. For months prior to the invasion of Iraq, even while the corporate media bombarded us with the pretense that Bush and Cheney had not yet decided on war, other stories further back in the pages of newspapers and on the internet informed us, or should have informed us, that an attack was coming.

Dodd Ends Spying, No Senator Will Do Same for War

By David Swanson

Senator Chris Dodd on Thursday single-handedly blocked a bill to legalize unconstitutional spying and immunize criminals who have engaged in it. But by doing so, Dodd may have made the biggest blunder Washington has seen in many months. He advertised the fact that a single senator with nerve has the power to block a bill, including – of course – every bill to further fund the occupation of Iraq. Now, how will Dodd explain his past and future failure to use the same power to end the war that he has used to end warrantless spying? How will other senators, including Harry Reid, explain their own failure? How will Nancy Pelosi manage to keep asserting in every conversation that only 67 senators can end a war?


The Humanist magazine has published an article I wrote for them on impeachment. It's in the November / December issue. Buy 100 copies here and hand them out

123 Silent Congress Members

By David Swanson

Over two years ago, the following 123 Democratic Congress Members did something extraordinary.

Abercrombie; Allen; Baird; Baldwin; Becerra; Berkley; Bishop; Blumenauer; Brown, Corrine; Brown, Sherrod; Butterfield; Capps; Capuano; Carson; Christensen; Clay; Cleaver; Clyburn; Conyers; Cooper; Cummings; Davis, Danny; Davis, Susan; DeFazio; DeGette; Delahunt; DeLauro; Dingell; Doggett; Doyle; Eshoo; Farr; Fattah; Filner; Ford; Frank; Green; Grijalva; Gutierrez; Hastings; Hinchey; Holt; Honda; Hooley; Inslee; Jackson; Jackson-Lee; Jefferson; Johnson, Eddie Bernice; Kaptur; Kennedy; Kildee; Kilpatrick; Kucinich; Larsen, Rick; Larson, John; Lee, Barbara; Levin; Lewis; Lofgren; Maloney; Markey; Matsui; McCarthy; McDermott; McGovern; McKinney; McNulty; Meehan; Meek; Meeks; Michaud; Millender-McDonald; Miller, Brad; Miller, George; Moore, Gwen; Moran; Nadler; Napolitano; Neal; Oberstar; Olver; Owens; Pallone; Pascrell; Pastor; Payne; Pelosi; Price, David; Rangel; Rothman; Rush; Sanchez, Linda; Sanders; Schakowsky; Scott, Bobby; Serrano; Sherman; Skelton; Slaughter; Smith, Adam; Solis; Stark; Strickland; Tauscher; Thompson, Bennie; Tierney; Towns; Tubbs Jones; Udall, Mark; Udall, Tom; Van Hollen; Velazquez; Wasserman Schultz; Waters; Watson; Watt; Waxman; Weiner; Wexler; Woolsey; Wu; Wynn.