Cindy Sheehan, George Will, and Loving Your Enemies

By David Swanson

Peace activist and gold star mother Cindy Sheehan and spokesman for a war-based oligarchy George Will both published columns this weekend arguing that non-Americans are human beings. Sheehan's column was written in response to an Associated Press article that provided evidence that Americans disagree with this claim. Will's column, meanwhile, adds to this evidence by demonstrating a failure to understand the very point he's arguing for.

To Impeach or Not to Impeach: A Debate (AUDIO)

By David Swanson

There are those who believe that Bush and Cheney have committed impeachable offenses but that we should not try to impeach them. In this discussion, Bob McAdams lays out the arguments.

Then there are those, like myself, who think we need to put everything we've got into impeachment now. Here's my case.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of people who see both sides and want to hash it out and mull it over, as in this discussion that followed Bob's and my remarks at a Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice gathering in a living room in Charlottesville, Va.

Others may find this a useful exchange and want to engage in a similar group conversation.

What Would Lennon Do?

By David Swanson

Let's Impeach Them (Bush Is Over)
With Thanks to John Lennon, Yoko Ono, George Mason, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson

So let's impeach them.
They lied about war.
If we don't impeach them,

Why Congress Must Reauthorize the Use of the Constitution

By David Swanson

It is at least conceivable that Congressman Jack Murtha and company are backing off on requiring that Bush and Cheney send only prepared, equipped, and rested men and women to the slaughter for more than one reason. One reason, of course, is that Fox News has called Murtha and company traitors. But there could be a second reason. Someone somewhere may just have pointed out that Congress has enacted these limitations before and Bush has undone them with a signing statement. Maybe ending the war by doing something you'd already done (without ending the war) finally smelled too fishy, given the abuse that would have had to be withstood to achieve it. Here's Bush's unconstitutional and unconscionable statement.

Peace Activists Just Threw Out a Prime Minister: Too Bad It Was Italy's

By David Swanson

Prime Minister Richard Cheney may be glancing around with more nervousness and menace than usual after recent news reports, not just from the Libby trial, but also from Italy, where the peace movement has just thrown out a prime minister.


What is 99,289?
That's the number of people who have signed a petition opposing an attack on Iran.
What is 711?
No, it's not a convenience store.
Oh, you didn't think that? See, you're quicker than our unitary executive!
That's right: It's the number of people -- you and your friends -- who have to spend 10 seconds each at

in order for us to be able to announce a total of 100,000 people opposing this looming aggressive and catastrophic war.

Movement in the Impeachment Movement

By Evan Derkacz, Alternet
Guest post by David Swanson.

There is movement in the impeachment movement. And it's motivated by a strange sensation: hope. In Olympia, Wa., on Tuesday, over 800 people crammed in for a forum on impeachment with Ray McGovern, Elizabeth de la Vega, and Dave Lindorff. Why?