John Nichols Answers Every Question on Impeachment in 60 Minutes

Wow. I've heard John Nichols speak many times on impeachment, and I've read his book "The Genius of Impeachment," but this 60 minute recording of an interview I did with him Tuesday evening lays it all out in one place better than anything I've heard before:

State of Union Came With a Signing Statement

By David Swanson

On the day of the State of the Union, apparently hoping nobody would notice, President George W. Bush posted a statement on the White House website announcing his intention to violate major sections of the Defense Authorization bill that he just signed into law.

One of Key SOTU Lies Was a Rerun

By David Swanson

"In the past six years, we've stopped numerous attacks, including a plot to fly a plane into the tallest building in Los Angeles, and another to blow up passenger jets bound for America over the Atlantic."

Filibustering Works!! Now Can We Filibuster Iraq Occupation Money??

Filibustering Works!! Now Can We Filibuster the Iraq Occupation Funding??

While they may have primarily been defending their right to get a chance to vote on amendments, Senators today did block immunity for criminal telecom companies spying in violation of the Fourth Amendment, and they did so with a filibuster, and they did that because Senator Chris Dodd had the backbone and the decency to throw down the gauntlet. Now why in the world will not one single senator choose to be an instant international hero, win or lose, and propose to filibuster any more money for the occupation of Iraq?

Road to Impeachment and Peace Runs Through Cleveland

By David Swanson

Congressman Dennis Kucinich is facing a tough primary in five weeks in his working class district in Cleveland, Ohio. He's up against better funded opponents and the concerted effort of the corporate and media powers of Cleveland that have opposed him since long before he took that seat away from a Republican.

I'll Be Interviewing Former Senator George McGovern on February 4th

The People Speak with host David Swanson
AIRDATE: 2/4/08 Monday 7-8pm ET
Guest: George McGovern
Info: George McGovern has never forgotten his roots. He was born in Avon, South Dakota, on July 19, 1922, the son of a Wesleyan Methodist minister. The family moved to Mitchell, South Dakota, in 1928, and George graduated from Mitchell High School in 1940. He was an outstanding student, and his proficiency in debate won him a scholarship at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, where he enrolled in the fall of 1940. There he met fellow student Eleanor Stegeberg of Woonsocket, South Dakota. George and Eleanor were married on October 31, 1943, and their five children were all born in Mitchell.

The Whisper Was for Romney

By David Swanson

Some of you may recall the powerful evidence in 2004 that George W. Bush was cheating in the debates by wearing an earpiece. The New York Times famously (well, at least somewhat famously) documented the evidence and then refused to print it because it might have had an effect on the election:

No More Investigations Please

By David Swanson

In a December 31, 2007, editorial, the New York Times faulted the current president and vice president of the United States for kidnapping innocent people, denying justice to prisoners, torturing, murdering, circumventing U.S. and international law, spying in violation of the Fourth Amendment, and basing their actions on "imperial fantasies."