Nixon, Cheney, and Le Deluge

By David Swanson

Congressman Dennis Kucinich's resolution to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney now has more cosponsors signed onto it than any resolution to impeach President Richard Nixon ever had. But separate resolutions to impeach Nixon, some with a handful of cosponsors, many with no cosponsors at all, were filed by the dozens. Today, Kucinich's resolution stands alone.

Will Police in Brattleboro VT Arrest Bush and Cheney?

By David Swanson

When citizens and voters go to the town meeting and primaries in Brattleboro, Vermont, on Tuesday, there will be a question on the back of all ballots, and a circle to mark Yes and one to mark No:

Building Our Own Media

By David Swanson

We will never succeed without media, and we will never succeed at media by criticism and legislation alone. We must build our own.

One small way in which I'm working on that is by hosting a weekly radio show online at

Petards of Mass Destruction

By David Swanson

Is it possible to convict a group of people of the highest possible crime simply by editing together public statements that they made while planning it?

If so, the best attempt at doing so that I imagine I'll ever see is found in a new 72-minute film available for viewing free online or by purchasing a DVD at

Halliburton/State Department Rape Stories Get Worse and Worse

By David Swanson

I just interviewed Tracy Barker for an hour.

You can find the clip at

She is one in a string of sexual assault and harrassment victims who suffered what they did while employed by Halliburton in Iraq.

VIDEOS: 911 Rescue Workers Need Health Care

By David Swanson

Yesterday in the rain in front of the U.S. Capitol hundreds of 911 rescue workers who risked their lives in a toxic mess they were told was safe piled off buses from New York. They held a rally with a handful of Congress Members and asked Congress to get them health care so that they can stop suffering every day while we slaughter people abroad in their names and in the name of those who died that day.

I shot a video and have broken it into six pieces and posted them on Youtube. The first features Rep. Tim Bishop, the second Rep. Carolyn Maloney, the third Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the fourth a young woman singing "God Bless America," the fifth Rep. Jerrold Nader, and the sixth some of the rescue workers speaking.

Here are the videos:

Cleveland Corporate Media vs. Dennis Kucinich

By David Swanson

Cleveland, Ohio's corporate media has passionately opposed the progressive populist efforts of Dennis Kucinich for decades. This week marks the climax of its most ferocious crusade to remove him from Congress.

Sex, Halliburton, and the State Department

By David Swanson

On Wednesday, February 27th, from 8 to 9 p.m. ET I'll be interviewing live another female Halliburton employee who was subjected to an environment of constant sexual harassment in Iraq. Tracy Barker was sexually assaulted by Halliburton employees and - in one instance - by a U.S. State Department employee in Basra, Iraq. The State Department employee has confessed to part of what Barker alleges, but remains at the State Department, and has never been charged with any crime. You can listen to the live interview and call in with your questions on Wednesday at

Radio Tonight

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