Peace Activists Just Threw Out a Prime Minister: Too Bad It Was Italy's

By David Swanson

Prime Minister Richard Cheney may be glancing around with more nervousness and menace than usual after recent news reports, not just from the Libby trial, but also from Italy, where the peace movement has just thrown out a prime minister.


What is 99,289?
That's the number of people who have signed a petition opposing an attack on Iran.
What is 711?
No, it's not a convenience store.
Oh, you didn't think that? See, you're quicker than our unitary executive!
That's right: It's the number of people -- you and your friends -- who have to spend 10 seconds each at

in order for us to be able to announce a total of 100,000 people opposing this looming aggressive and catastrophic war.

Movement in the Impeachment Movement

By Evan Derkacz, Alternet
Guest post by David Swanson.

There is movement in the impeachment movement. And it's motivated by a strange sensation: hope. In Olympia, Wa., on Tuesday, over 800 people crammed in for a forum on impeachment with Ray McGovern, Elizabeth de la Vega, and Dave Lindorff. Why?

Impeach07 Campaign Launched

The impeachment movement is uniting and expanding. We're joining with many other organizations to launch Impeach07, a coordinated series of actions aimed at impeaching Bush and Cheney through widespread public protest, creative dissent, media activism, education, and lobbying:

The Fierce Urgency of Impeachment

By David Swanson

Remarks at Emergency Impeachment Conference in New York City, February 17, 2007

It's an honor to be speaking with these panelists and it's great to be back in New York. But I want to ask you one thing about New York, because there's something I heard Senator Hillary Clinton say and I want to know if it's true. Is it true that if you live in New York you have to support this war? Can you live in New York and work for peace?

Conyers and the Impeachment Table

By David Swanson

Congressman John Conyers, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has used the following rhetoric repeatedly in recent weeks:

"George Bush has the habit of firing military leaders who tells him the Iraq war is failing. But let me tell you something. He can't fire you. He can't fire us. But we can fire him! We can fire him!"

What Lincoln Really Said

By David Swanson

Alaska Congressman Don Young just attempted on the floor of the House to quote Abraham Lincoln's opinion on opposition to presidents' war plans. Young failed rather dramatically.

Murtha Only Intends to Undo the Escalation

By David Swanson

In a video interview with Tom Andrews posted at Congressman Jack Murtha makes clear that the limitations on additional war money that he intends to include in the forthcoming "emergency" supplemental bill are aimed only at undoing the recent escalation (a.k.a. "surge"), not at ending the war.

Shut Up and Stop the War!

By David Swanson,

David Swanson is co-founder of, Washington director of and a board member of Progressive Democrats of America.

Iran War Talking Points

By David Swanson

Aiding a nation against a foreign invasion is not grounds for war. The US aided France against Germany and still brags about it.

WMD possession is not grounds for war. The US has more of them than anyone.