Corpse's Point of View

By David Swanson

From the point of view of a corpse, Thursday's die-in on the steps of the U.S. Capitol was overwhelming and diminishing. I was one of twenty some corpses lying dead in a river of blood in front of police and tourists and a color guard of Iraq veterans. I was one of a pile of corpses. You could have added or taken away a corpse or two, and nobody would have noticed. Thirty or forty other corpses were picked up inside the Capitol and taken to jail, and nobody noticed. And as I lay dead on the concrete, someone said the name of a dead Iraqi.

Get Out of the Valley of Elah

By David Swanson

I spent a day meeting with Congress Members and their staffers, urging them to end the occupation of Iraq, and having them tell me they would never "defund our troops." In the evening I watched Paul Haggis's new film "In the Valley of Elah." I walked out stunned, shaken, far more angry than I'd been, and convinced that we shouldn't be asking Congress Members to end the occupation, we should be asking them to watch this movie. If any Congress Member were to watch this movie and allow another dime to "fund our troops" we would at least be clear in our duty to have that individual locked up for the safety of those around them.

The Best President Money Can Buy

By David Swanson

I was invited to speak on a (foreign, of course) television show about the money that U.S. presidential candidates are accepting and how it affects them, so I took a look at the latest numbers on The television producers only wanted to discuss the three Democrats and three Republicans they called the "leading" candidates. Are these the leading candidates in the polls (which at this early stage cannot predict votes) or in fundraising (which is neither voting nor [pace the Supreme Court] speech)? Well, here's the thing: you can't distinguish. The candidates' rankings in terms on money and polling are the same, at least for the Democrats. But here's the question: which is the chicken and which is the egg?

Kerry's Sense of Timing

By David Swanson

As police officers were torturing a University of Florida student with a taser in the back of a lecture hall as punishment for asking inconvenient questions of Senator John Kerry, the Senator chose not to order them to stop. Rather he calmly mumbled his non-answers to the questions and even joked about the young man's inability to come up on stage. Later, Kerry posted a statement on his website in which he chose not to answer the student's questions in a serious way, but rather expressed with full muddledness that he was for arresting the student before he was against it and even expressed concern that the police might have somehow been hurt.

Is Peace or Impeachment Possible?

By David Swanson

[Remarks at September 15, 2007, impeachment rally in Miami, Fla., organized by ]

It's great to see such a crowd and so many groups represented. I especially want to thank Veterans for Peace. Dave Cline was a great leader and will be badly missed. We should all go out and do as much as he did with his admirable life.

The Obama-Edwards Ticket

By David Swanson

A top priority for progressives regarding next year's presidential election should be convincing Barack Obama and John Edwards to join forces as a ticket and defeat Hillary Clinton.

Questions for General Petraeus

By David Swanson,

Are you here to communicate your own view, that of the White House, or both?

Please name all the people with whom you have had communications in preparing for this testimony.

Betray Us Report

By David Swanson,

"Someone must have been telling lies about Joseph K., for without having done anything wrong he was arrested one fine morning…"

If you read the rest of The Trial by Franz Kafka you'll find that K. is not just arrested, but also executed, and that his execution comes as the perfectly natural conclusion to a series of infuriating steps, stages, and shiftings of goal posts.

Laura Flanders and Norman Solomon in Charlottesville VA


Nationally syndicated columnist Norman Solomon and national radio host Laura Flanders will speak in Charlottesville, Va.

Solomon's latest books are "War Made Easy," and "Made Love, Got War." Flanders' are "Blue Grit," and "Bush Women."

October 7 at 7 p.m.

Albemarle County Office Bldg., 401 McIntire Road, Charlottesville, VA

$5 donation requested / no one turned away

Sponsored by Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice (CCPJ) and WVAX Progressive Talk 1450

CCPJ: 434-961-6278,

Flyers available on the website.