Patriotism: What Is It Good for?

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Obama's Plan for Iraq

By David Swanson

Senator Obama published a sketch of a plan for Iraq in the New York Times today, and it's about the same as his plan has always been, clearly superior to Bush or McCain and yet horribly muddled, vague, and militaristic, until he gets to the highly encouraging last few lines. Obama begins by fudging Maliki's call to withdraw troops into his own longstanding call to withdraw "combat troops", but not to actually withdraw them, rather to move them elsewhere in the region. He joins in this op-ed, as usual, in hyping false threats from Afghanistan, Al Qaeda, and Iran. He proposes increased war in Afghanistan and possibly Pakistan, as part of what he embraces as "the war on terrorism". And, yet, while he always says "redeploy" rather than "withdraw," the number of troops he proposes sending to Afghanistan is much smaller than the number he proposes taking out of Iraq. This would suggest that he wants to bring a lot of troops home and is just too scared and politically tone-deaf to say so. (Although he does not explain why the U.S. military would still be constrained to shift troops around the empire if he pursues his plan to drastically enlarge the largest military the globe has known. Nor, of course, does he explain why that's needed.)

Alternet: Right About Cartoon, Wrong About Film

By David Swanson

Alternet is exactly right about the damaging effect of the New Yorker cover depicting Obama as Osama, and does not excuse it because the New Yorker shouts "Satire!"

And at the same time, Alternet approves of John Cusack's "War, Inc.", presumably because it's "satire" and because glorifying violence is so much a part of the air we breathe that Alternet doesn't stop to even consider it. Yet, just as the New Yorker cover will be viewed as non-satirical by all sorts of racists and religious bigots, Cusack's film will be viewed as pro-murder by all sorts of gun nuts and war supporters and racists and religious bigots.

A Note to the Peace Movement

From David Swanson

The peace movement has stood for peace and justice, for ending wars, preventing new ones, and building peace. Our top priority in Washington, D.C., has been ending the funding of the occupation. That work is over for the next year, because Congress has provided that funding.

Unity or Solidarity

By David Swanson

Actions mean more to me, and to the millions affected by them, than words. If Obama had voted to toss out the Fourth Amendment and Clinton had voted to keep it PRIOR to the primary in Virginia, I would have voted for Clinton. Yes, I know, Obama didn't vote to invade Iraq, but that is because he was not in the Senate at the time. As soon as he got there, he voted hundreds of billions of our dollars to fund what he supposedly opposed, as of course did Clinton who had also voted for the invasion.

What Dennis Has Done

By David Swanson

Imagine that you've not eaten a decent meal in months, that the hunger is squeezing and burning you from the inside, and that suddenly you find yourself at an 18-course feast of a dinner -- say perhaps at a summit meeting of world leaders discussing food shortages. You sit down at the table, and they bring in giant platters of the most delicious foods, building a rolling mountain chain of delicacies from one end of the table to the other. On Thursday, July 10, 2008, Americans, rich and poor, had this experience. Our national sustenance is found in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and it's been many months that we've been deprived of them. In May of 2006, then House Speaker to be Nancy Pelosi had ordered impeachment "off the table." On Thursday, Congressman Dennis Kucinich put it back on, and we suddenly feasted our eyes on our recently lost Fourth Amendment, on our old staple Habeas Corpus, on our sweet Freedom of Speech, and on our bountiful right to be represented and hold our elected officials to the rule of law.

Ask Conyers to Let Kucinich Present Impeachment Proposals to Judiciary Committee

On Thursday Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who had already introduced 3 articles of impeachment against Cheney and 35 against Bush introduced a single article of impeachment against Bush charging him with misleading Congress into a war on Iraq. Also on Thursday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the media that she expected the Judiciary Committee to consider the matter. And Kucinich held a press conference at which he said that what he wants is an opportunity to present his proposals to the Judiciary Committee.

Let's make sure that Committee Chairman John Conyers grants this request. Phone him now at 202-225-3951. Post here what he tells you.

If you're able to speak with Conyers or his staff at any length, please remind them that Bush and Cheney and members of their administration are refusing to comply with numerous subpoenas and even contempt citations, as well as refusing to answer questions by claiming "executive privilege." During an impeachment hearing, there is no executive privilege. The Judiciary Committee should hold an impeachment hearing of Bush and Cheney on refusal to comply with oversight. It's the fastest way to justice and the only chance of establishing any oversight.

Everyone Will Have Been for Peace After the Fact

By David Swanson

Back in March 2007, John Stauber was for forcing tough actions for peace from the new Democratic Congress, and David Sirota was opposed. Now the two of them chat as though we were all for the same principled push for peace all along. This is good news, because - to his credit - Sirota has improved his position. But just wait until we actually achieve peace. Everybody and their brother will have been sacrificing for it. And that will be a good thing.

Talk Live Online Tonight With Author of "United States v. George W. Bush et al"


By David Swanson

Wednesday, July 9, 8-9 p.m. ET: Elizabeth de la Vega, former federal prosecutor, author of "The United States vs. George W. Bush."

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