2007: The Year in Evidence

By David Swanson

The past year has seen the public exposure of enough evidence of old, ongoing, and new crimes, abuses of power, and impeachable offenses by George Bush and Dick Cheney that in any remotely representative democracy, these two thugs would be out of office and behind bars. The chief reason this does not shock us is that the same could be said, and was said, of each of the previous six years. It's been quite a millennium so far for Washington, D.C.

Kucinich Wins Virginia Democratic Party Poll

By David Swanson

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has won the Virginia Democratic Party's online presidential primary straw poll. Candidates in the poll included the six Democrats who have qualified to appear on the primary ballot in Virginia on February 12.

Join Gore Vidal, Dennis Kucinich, and David Swanson in New Hampshire and Live Online

From 8-10 p.m. ET on Sunday, January 6th, and at any time thereafter, you can watch a forum on the Constitution and impeachment with Gore Vidal, Dennis Kucinich, and David Swanson live from Manchester, N.H., at http://www.kucinichtv.com

Or you can participate by joining us in Manchester, N.H., at 540 N. Commercial Street.

Watch previous events now, including a forum that included Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst of 27 years, John Kaminsky, the head of Maine Lawyers for Democracy, and Dennis Kucinich, at http://www.kucinichtv.com

Hate Us for Our WHAT?

By David Swanson

Of course we've long since established that they do not hate us for the reasons they say they hate us. For example, our military bases in their countries have nothing to do with it. When I mention to people in the U.S. that Italians or Czechs or Germans or Koreans are protesting new U.S. bases, the response is usually along the lines of:

David Swanson Opposing Construction U.S. Military Base in Vicenza, Italy

Rep. Weiner Joins Call for Cheney Impeachment Hearings

By David Swanson

On Thursday, Congressman Anthony Weiner told Bob Fertik of Democrats.com that he would sign onto Congressman Robert Wexler's letter to Chairman John Conyers urging the commencement of impeachment hearings for Dick Cheney. Wexler, together with Congress Members Luis Gutierrez and Tammy Baldwin, hopes to have a majority of Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee sign the letter.