Not Eating Until Impeachment

Leslie Angeline began a fast yesterday, Rosa Park's birthday. She had been trying for some time to get an appointment with Congressman John Conyers to ask him to begin impeachment hearings. She began a sit-in in his office yesterday, and within 5 minutes he agreed to an appointment with her on Thursday at 3 p.m. But she is going to continue fasting, because he has not agreed to open impeachment hearings, and can of course be expected to tell her than yet more non-impeachment hearings on impeachable offenses is all we need. If you would like to join Leslie in this fast, just add your name and comment at

Can Your Town Ban the Military from Recruiting Anyone Under 18?

By David Swanson

Of course, Americans must be 18 to serve in the military, but much of the military's recruiting work is directed at those who have not yet turned 18.

According to Dave Meserve in Arcata, Calif., localities can avoid the consequences of the No Child Left Behind law (which turns students' names and contact information over to recruiters) not only by helping students and parents to opt out of recruitment lists or by challenging the ability of recruiters to be on school campuses, but also by prohibiting any recruiting activities that involve kids under 18.

Will Charlottesville, Va., Voters' Votes Be Counted

By David Swanson

We'll go vote on February 12th, and the nominees may already have been determined in other states. But we'd still like to know whether our votes are properly counted, and we will have no way of knowing. Charlottesville uses DRE voting machines (directly recording electronic voting machines). While the city brags that these are not touch-screen machines, because we turn a dial instead of touching a screen, the problems are the same. The machines we use have produced noticable errors in some places around the country, such as displaying on the final page for confirmation different selections from those the voter had made. But the danger lies in the unnoticable.

Vote Against Clinton

By David Swanson

I don't care right now who you plan to vote for next November. My primary concern is that, after Tuesday, you strive to - as completely as possible - ignore the election until around Halloween, because we have so many much more important things to work on as citizens of this country, not the least of them being the creation of a credible system of hand-counted paper ballots and other election reforms. But my secondary concern is for the Democratic primaries. It's important that you take part and cast your vote for Barack Obama. Come November, you can vote for McCain or Paul, Nader or McKinney, or your pet llama, or for the Democratic nominee. But it should be a high priority for all of us to ensure that the Democratic nominee is not Hillary Clinton.

Talk With 1972 Presidential Candidate George McGovern Live Online Tonight

UPDATE: Changed to 7:00 - 7:30 p.m. ET.

Tonight from 7 to 8 p.m. ET I'll be interviewing 1972 Democratic nominee for president George McGovern. Listen in and ask questions at

McGovern was born in South Dakota in 1922, was an Army pilot in WWII, holds a PhD in history, and served in the U.S. House from 1956-1960. He was then director of Kennedy's Food for Peace Program, prior to serving in the US Senate from 1962-1980. In 1970 he proposed an amendment to withdraw all US troops from Vietnam. In 1969 he chaired a commission that restructured the Democratic Party's primaries and caucuses. In 1972 he was nominated for president on a platform of withdrawing all troops, cutting military spending by 37%, and guaranteeing a minimum income to every American. Nixon's dirty tricks during the campaign included the Watergate break-in. McGovern's running mate became a scandal that hurt his chances. And Bob Novak, who's still destroying anything good he can today, wrote that McGovern stood for amnesty, abortion, and acid. From 1998 to 2001 McGovern was US Ambassador to the UN Food and Agricuture Agencies. In 2006 he opened the McGovern Center and he co-authored the latest of several books he has authored on peace and food: "Out of Iraq: A Practical Plan for Withdrawal Now," coauthored by William R. Polk. On January 6, 2008, McGovern's pro-impeachment op-ed was printed in the Washington Post.

Editorial Pages Report the News

By David Swanson

Increasingly, all the news that's fit to print does not include the news that editorial writers deem significant. The New York Times and many other newspapers have developed the habit of writing lengthy editorials about news stories that never make it into the news section. One example of this trend is the story of last Monday's presidential signing statement. If you don't know what a signing statement is, you should consider flipping first to the editorial page to get your news.

Omaha: Root of All Evil?

By David Swanson

What if a single nation on this planet were to pour more resources into its military than the rest of the nations combined, set up military bases in 80 percent of the other nations, stockpile more nuclear weapons than all other nations combined, develop new nuclear weapons intended for aggressive first-strike use, completely dominate the militarization of space, erase any policy lines between space and ground warfare and between nuclear and conventional weapons, and establish the goal of being able to quickly destroy any target anywhere on earth in order to protect its military and corporate investments?