Cynicism and Generosity Toward Congress

By David Swanson

In May of 2005 the Downing Street Memos came out, and some of us started a website and coalition called After Downing Street. And for many months we worked closely with Congressman John Conyers and many other Democrats in Congress, holding unofficial hearings, trying to pass resolutions of inquiry, and educating the public about impeachable offenses. But for the past year or so, including the past six months of Democratic majority, Congress Members have been much less interested in this project.

Hip Hop Comes to Take Back America Conference

By David Swanson

"Hip Hop Artists and Activists: Politically Empowering a Culture of Resistance" was the name of a panel at the Take Back America Conference in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday. Cherryl Aldave from National Hip Hop Political Convention MC'd.

We've Started Taking Back America

By David Swanson

The fifth annual Take Back America Conference began this morning with a press conference at which Bob Borosage of Campaign for America's Future, Karen Ackerman of the AFL-CIO, Eli Pariser of MoveOn, Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood, Brad Woodhouse of Americans United for Change, and Jerome Ringo of Apollo Project explained how we're going to take back America – or rather the fact that they believe we already have. The conservative era has come to an end, Borosage announced. (Can somebody please tell Congress?)

Take Back Impeachment


TAKE BACK the right not to be illegally spied on.

TAKE BACK the right not to be picked up without charge and locked away to be tortured with no access to a lawyer, a trial, or your family.

The Impeachment Process: Join the Discussion

Monday, June 18, 2007, 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. in Room 1

How does impeachment work? What are the grounds for it? Is this where our energy should go? What are all of the arguments for and against? How could we really make it happen?
With Jane Dugdale, David Swanson of, Bob Fertik of, and Glen Ford of

Impeach FAQ

By Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice

Why would we want a President Cheney? Or why would we want a new Republican who could run as an incumbent? Or why would we want a President Pelosi?

Obama Says He'll Use Force Unilaterally to Protect "Vital Interests"

By David Swanson

There is much that I can agree with or tolerate in Barack Obama's new article in Foreign Affairs. On the occupation of Iraq, he does not favor completely ending it, and he does not mention the ownership of oil, but he does say:

Nixon Ignored Subpoenas Too

By David Swanson

Condoleezza Rice is refusing to comply with a subpoena to appear before Congress. The Justice Department is refusing to produce subpoenaed documents. Harriet Miers and Sara Taylor will almost certainly refuse to comply with subpoenas to appear. Dick Cheney has said that if he is subpoenaed he will not testify. Karl Rove has made his refusal to obey the law so clear that Congressional Committees that have approved subpoenas for him are afraid to actually issue them. The White House has shamelessly indicated that it does not intend to start obeying any of these subpoenas anytime soon.

Rorty: The Best We've Ever Had

By David Swanson

Whenever anyone asks me what author has had the greatest impact on me, I don't hesitate. There's no doubt that it's Richard Rorty. I consider him the most significant author of the past century, something I once told him, and which he had the humility to say and honestly believe was ludicrous. Richard Rorty died this week and took from this planet the most brilliant mind we've ever seen put to the kindest and most useful endeavors.

Sen. Clinton Wants Troops in Iraq for at Least 10 Years

By David Swanson

On Monday, Ted Koppel offered a report / commentary on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" which can be found online with this headline: "A Duty to Mislead: Politics and the Iraq War," and this introductory text: "Democrats are telling voters that if they are elected, all U.S. troops will be pulled out of Iraq. But as Sen. Hillary Clinton privately told a senor military adviser, she knows there will be some troops there for decades. It's an example of how in some cases, politics can force dishonesty."

Impeachment Sells

By David Swanson

"I have a choice. I can either stand by and lead my constituents to believe I do not care that the president apparently no longer believes he is bound by any law or code of decency. Or I can act." -- U.S. House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers