Make McCain Choose

By David Swanson

What if Senator John McCain were forced to choose an extremely and increasingly unpopular position and stand by it for months as it became less and less popular?

No, I don't mean his support for a permanent occupation of Iraq. Nobody forced him to take that position, and Senator Barack Obama is not exactly taking optimal advantage of it. Were Obama opposing the occupation, committing to filibuster further funding, promising to prosecute the architects of the war, devoting himself to bringing our troops home and taking a different approach toward the world, then McCain might find himself in a jam. Obama's "redeployment" to Afghanistan schtick, and his refusal to filibuster the funding, leave McCain looking like the tough and decisive choice.

The Day After the Bombing of Iran

By David Swanson

Imagine yourself sitting down transfixed and watching video footage of U.S. bombs hitting Iran. You see children ripped limb from limb, mothers screaming and wailing, people panicked, tortured, traumatized, and killed. Imagine asking yourself at that point: What was I doing these past many months that I thought was more important than preventing this?

Students Shut Down Capitol Hill

College Students, Veterans, Old Folks Shut Down Capitol Hill (VIDEOS)

By David Swanson

Today was the day for Stop-Loss Congress. We notified every Congress Member and Senator over the past two days that they were being stop-lossed and denied permission to leave until they end the occupation of Iraq. Today we took action. A group of activists dressed as Ghosts of War stood and spoke in the Senate and closed the place down - 10 arrests, I'm told.

US Senate Candidate to Discuss Impeachment and Indictment on Radio

US Senate candidate from Maine Laurie Dobson will be my guest for an hour and we'll be taking your calls. Dobson is working to indict Bush and Cheney in Kennebunkport, Maine. She's made restoration of the Constitution central to her senate campaign.

Catch Impeachment Debate on

I took part in an hour-long debate on impeachment and indictment today, taped by Go there at 5 p.m. ET this Wednesday to watch it. Or watch the archived clip at any time thereafter at the "American Dream" page.

Video Indictment and Audio Impeachment

VIDEO: Rally Preceding Vote in Vermont to Indict Bush and Cheney

Watch this video:


AUDIO: Liz Holtzman, David Swanson, Marjorie Cohn, and Callers on Impeachment

"All About Impeachment" -- Two hours on The Mark Weaver Show on Florida Progressive internet Radio

Special guests are:

Hon. Elizabeth Holtzman of the House Judiciary committee that impeached Nixon, talking about how the charges and politics are different this time around

Marjorie Cohn, President of the National Lawyers Guild, will be detailing the six main charges and evidence against Bush and Cheney

David Swanson, co-founder of, will talk about the politics of non-impeachment and update us on Congressman Robert Wexler's campaign to hold House Judiciary hearings on Cheney

VIDEO: Rally Preceding Vote in Vermont to Indict Bush and Cheney

Speakers on the Brattleboro Initiative to indict President Bush and Vice President Cheney: Kurt Daims, David Swanson, Laurie Dobson, John Nirenberg, Dan DeWalt.

General to Say Withdraw from Iraq

March 17th, 8-9 p.m. ET

Listen to General William Odom discuss the need to withdraw from Iraq on

This will be a live interview with host David Swanson, who will be taking calls from listeners. The conversation will cover both Iraq and warrantless spying.

Somebody Is Insane Here

By David Swanson

First John Lewis tells us that choosing between Clinton and Obama was harder than walking across the Edmund Pettis Bridge and getting his head beaten in.

Now John Dean lets us know that the Clinton and Obama contest is the greatest drama in history.

A Yale law professor is promoting the argument that there are only a few months left until one of them is president.

Excuse me, but my calculator must be broken. There would seem in my apparent madness to be nearly a year left before Diebold and ES&S may possibly permit one of these two to move into the White House, a year in which millions will die unnecessarily, in which global warming will advance, in which the Constitution will continue to disintegrate.

Am I in the Twighlight Zone episode where EVERYBODY ELSE goes insane, or am I insane?

Both of these candidates in yet another imminent but distant MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN HISTORY support but dislike NAFTA, oppose but wish for universal health coverage, dislike but won't end the occupation of Iraq, reject impeachment, deny the existence of election fraud, and promote more militarism.

Am I watching the same channel the rest of the country seems to have tuned into? How did Howard Zinn get stuck in this padded cell with me?