First 100 Days

By David Swanson

A friend is drafting a proposal for the first 100 days of a new administration. I sketched out a dream scenario below. What do you think?

Day 1: Renounce wars of aggression and apologize to the world for those in the past. Anounce the complete withdrawal from Iraq over the next 6 months.

Jim Webb, Roger Ebert Announce Joint Initiative

By David Swanson

Senator Jim Webb, (D., Va.) and Roger Ebert, a movie reviewer with the Chicago Sun-Times have announced a joint initiative.

"This partnership makes perfect sense," Ebert said in a press statement. "Over the past year, Senator Webb's role has been, like mine, that of a critic." In fact, a survey of media reports finds that Webb is identified as a critic more often than as a senator:

How the Associated Press Lies About the Occupation of Iraq

By David Swanson

This typical pre-Petraeus II article shows well the habit that the AP and most of the rest of the US corporate media have of lying about the funding of the occupation of Iraq:

Conyers Threatens Impeachment if Iran Attacked

By David Swanson

Coming out of today's meeting with John Conyers, these seem to be the significant developments:

He is circulating a letter among his colleageus for signatures, a letter addressed to Bush letting him know that an attack on Iran will result in impeachment hearings. LET'S ASK EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS TO SIGN ON! I know it seems bassackwards and we want impeachment before a new war, not after, but this is a way for us to show Conyers the support that will be there any time he moves forward.

We're Sitting in at House Judiciary Committee Right Now

A dozen of us have begun a sit-in at the House Judiciary Committee office. Come join us at Rayburn 2138. Leslie Angeline and Ellen Taylor of Code Pink are the leaders here. Laurel Jensen is here, and Michael Heaney, Thalia Doukas, Darryl Love, Ed Dickau, Michael Beer, Jes Richardson, Mike Marceau, Dan... People are joining us every few minutes. We're sitting around in the main room of the office. We have two video cameras going, and we're discussing...

Building a New World Conference: Join Us in Radford, VA

Learn more and sign up here:

May 22-25, 2008 Radford University, Radford, Virginia

Speakers include:

Cindy Sheehan (writer and activist; anti-war leader known as the "Peace Mom")

Iraq Veteran to Speak Live and Take Your Questions Tonight 8-9 pm ET

Former Marine Corps Sergeant Adam Kokesh served in a Civil Affairs Group in Iraq’s Western Anbar Province from February to September 2004. Since his return from Iraq, Kokesh has become a leading activist with Iraq Veterans Against the War. He was arrested for disrupting General Patreaus’ testimony before Congress last September. He will discuss what he did and saw in Iraq and why he is working to end the occupation. Listen live and call in with your questions tonight 8-9 pm ET:

Pelosi Preparing to Refuse Iraq Funding

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, and let's remain vigilant and increase the pressure, but this change in policy from Speaker Pelosi is the most encouraging thing I've seen in many months.