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PDA at new Busboys and Poets in Shirlington, Va.

Busboys & Poets & Progressive Politics
October 10, 2007, Arlington, VA

Sen. Reid Struggles for Reason to Oppose Impeachment

By David Swanson

Christiane Brown (KJFK, Reno) interviews Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in this audio clip from last week and presses him on why he admits impeachable offenses have been commited but opposes impeachment. Reid says that impeaching Bush would just give you Cheney, but Brown points out that Cheney can be impeached too (in fact, the only impeachment bill in Congress right now is to impeach Cheney). Reid says there's not enough time, but Brown points out how swift past impeachments have been. Reid struggles and fails to find a coherent explanation. LISTEN TO THE CLIP.

Audio: Laura Flanders and Norman Solomon Challenge the Warfare State

On Sunday evening, October 7th, national radio host Laura Flanders (host of Radio Nation on Air America and Pacifica) and nationally syndicated columnist Norman Solomon spoke at an event in Charlottesville, Virginia, organized jointly by the Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice (CCPJ) and AM 1450 WVAX. Their remarks and the discussion that followed provide key insights into the political situation we find ourselves in right now.


Constitution, Flag, and Leaving Iraq

By David Swanson

Remarks on October 6, 2007, at a rally in Richmond, Va., celebrating the U.S. Constitution and flag.

There have always been those in the antiwar movement who believed that if Congress finally found the nerve to stop funding the occupation of Iraq, Bush and Cheney would actually pull out. Those still clinging to this faith can be found among those who understand that Congress does indeed have the power to simply stop funding the occupation, as well as among those who believe the pervasive lie that you can't end an occupation without passing a bill and overriding a veto. Let's all get straight really quickly on two things. First, if Nancy Pelosi and/ or Harry Reid can find the courage and decency to do it they will simply announce an end to the occupation and not bring up any more bills to fund it. Second, if this happens, the occupation will no longer be legally funded, but Bush and Cheney will take money illegally from elsewhere to keep it going, just as they did to start it in the first place.

Senate Intel Committee Reverses, Nobody Notices

By David Swanson

When Republican Senator Pat Roberts chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee, he refused to conduct an investigation into how Bush and Cheney misled the Congress about the case for invading Iraq. The investigation, part of what was known as Phase II, had been agreed to, but Roberts refused to do it prior to the November 2004 elections on the grounds that it could impact the elections. After the elections he refused to do it on the grounds that it didn't matter, what with the elections already being over.

Is Marie Cocco Coocoo?

By David Swanson

Liberal columnist Marie Cocco maintains her progressive positions right up to the point where she might diverge in the slightest from the Democratic leadership in Congress. Last spring she wasn't so noticeable. Most progressive pundits back in March and May were playing right along with the pretense that the Democrats in Congress didn't have the power to end the occupation of Iraq. This was and is simply not true.

Join Us Now

By Marc Strassman

David Swanson, a leading anti-war/impeachment activist, will be appearing, live in audio, on The Strassman Report, a leading online news site, 12:00 am (midnight) October 2/October 3, 2007. Please attend. A chatroom will be available to those who register and log-in:


Exactly How the Good Guys Finally Won

By David Swanson

The leaders of today's Congress have made clear through numerous lobby visits that unless we can produce polls that show congressional elections in November 2008 hang on the question of impeachment, nobody's going to be impeached. Bush and Cheney can continue to ignore subpoenas, spy illegally, kidnap, torture, murder, and rewrite laws. They can launch another illegal war. They can rig the elections. They could barbeque babies on the White House lawn. It doesn't matter. They will not be impeached.

Whistleblowers on Tape

By David Swanson

While they may not be in Congress, there are members of our government willing to risk their careers and more to blow the whistle on the criminal takeover of our former democracy. One of them is Sam Provance.