Report on Cost of War Delivered to Rep. Virgil Goode

By David Swanson

I made the following remarks in front of Rep. Virgil Goode's office in Charlottesville, Va., today. This is a substantially modified version of a script provided by

Thank you all so much for coming. It's so great to see you all out here. It's the middle of August. Lots of folks are on vacation. And yet we're all here. Our group today may be relatively small, but it’s mighty. We’re representing MoveOn members and other citizens and activist groups from all over this district and across the country. There are over 150 other events like this taking place around the nation.

Bill Fletcher Weighs in on Impeachment

By David Swanson

The one thing protesting for impeachment at Congressman John Conyers' office on July 23rd accomplished beyond doubt (I think it also helped push a number of other Congress Members to sign on for impeachment, but can't prove it) is that it stirred up a great deal of discussion, both of impeachment and of racial divisions. I think that's all for the good.

How Congress Will End the Occupation

By David Swanson

Public pressure on Congress to end the occupation of Iraq resulted in a fundamental breakthrough on July 19th when 70 congress members sent a letter to the president. The key sentence in the letter was the first one:

More on Conyers from Mark Solomon

By David Swanson

The Portside listserve, whose moderators have chosen to send out several articles over the past few weeks criticizing those activists who sat in at Congressman John Conyers' office on July 23rd to demand impeachment, today sent out a lengthy article by Mark Solomon.

Electoral, Media, and Family Traditions

By David Swanson

If NPR, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox had provided the storyline for the 1808 U.S. presidential election, it would have looked something like this.

On the one hand you would have had a Southern, militaristic, tall, large, religious good old boy who would have been fun to have a beer with and would not have put on any high fallutin' airs. On the other side of the stage you would have had a candidate who occasionally got off a good sound bite, but who had the freedom to do so because he didn't need to worry about actually winning the election. He wasn't really trying to win, just making a statement, just trying to shape the debate and bolster his own vanity.

Family Tradition

By David Swanson

With thanks and a toast to Hank Williams Jr.

Compassionate conservatives have been a real close family,
But lately some of my kinfolks have disowned a few others and me.
I guess it's because I kind of changed my direction.

It Really Is a Democratic Congress

By David Swanson

Should it go without saying that the current Congress is Democratic? The Democrats have the majority, control the agenda, and chair and hold a majority on every committee. But does that make the Congress Democratic?

A Word from Congressman Nadler's Predecessor

By David Swanson

Former members of the House Judiciary Committee often have excellent advice for current members. Former Congresswoman Liz Holtzman, who served on the committee when it passed articles of impeachment against President Richard Nixon, has published a book and spoken at numerous events arguing for the impeachment of President George W. Bush.