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Mark Crispin Miller is professor of media studies at New York University and the author of the book: Fooled Again, How the Right Stole the 2004 Elections. He is known for his writing on American media and for his activism on behalf of democratic media reform. His books include Boxed In: The Culture of TV, Seeing Through Movies, and Mad Scientists, a study of war propaganda.

Miller writes in his book, Fooled Again, that the 2000 U.S. Presidential election and 2004 U.S. Presidential election were “stolen”. Miller presents extensive documentation, backed by 56 pages of notes, supporting his contention that the outcome of both elections was altered and controlled by a small minority. He states that the American voting populace can no longer assume that their votes will be accurately assessed, and that the installation of electronic voting machines in state after state is a fundamental flaw in the U.S. electoral system. He appeared in the 2004 documentary Orwell Rolls in His Grave, which focuses on the hidden mechanics of the media, its role as it should be and what it actually is, and how it shapes (to the point of almost controlling) U.S. politics.

Mark’s new book is: Loser Take All: Election Fraud and the Subversion of Democracy, 2000-2008.

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I'll be on Clout on Air America with Richard Greene tonight from approximately 10 to 10:30 p.m. ET discussing Iraq Town Halls and ending the funding of the occupation of Iraq. Join us:

4,000 Deaths, 435 Town Halls

We just passed another tragic milestone with the 4,000th death of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, while the uncounted death toll of innocent Iraqis climbs beyond 1 million.

Yet in April, Congress will vote to give George Bush another $102 billion blank check for Iraq on top of past blank checks for $562 billion - unless we finally persuade our Representatives to Just Say No .

Healthcare or Warfare, Time to Choose

By David Swanson

The greatest purveyor of violence in the world is, by no coincidence, also the wealthiest nation in the world that does not provide its people with health coverage. About one in six Americans has no health coverage at all, and another two or three out of those six lack adequate coverage even though they pay more than enough to receive it and to provide it to those who lack it as well.


By the Granny Peace Brigade

That’s what we’ve been asking people to say at our Phone-A-Thons recently. It’s not easy. We stand on a busy sidewalk and ask passersby to call Congress on the spot using our cell phones. (You can find a Phone-A-Thon recipe here.) The amazing thing is that some people actually do stop and make the call. A few of us have gotten hooked on this grassroots action because of these lovely, shy, first-time callers.

There was the man who had just become a citizen and was carrying his papers home. He took the time to make a call to his senator. His message: Stop the war by stopping the funding. It wasn’t so much what he said, as the look of quiet pride on his face as he closed the phone at the end of the call. On another day, a police officer had been watching over us for an hour and a half. As we were packing up, he came up to us and said he had served in the Army in Afghanistan. Then he thanked us and told us we were doing a good thing.

Building a Movement to End the Occupation of Iraq

Remarks at American University Teach-In on March 22, 2008
By David Swanson

Robert Dreyfuss's presentation that I now have to follow was tremendous and I learned a lot, but I disagree with his pessimism. I am fond of the saying "Let's save our pessimism for better times." It's a choice to be a pessimist, and it is a wrong one, always.

Iran Mobile Launches Bush Bomb to Prevent Attack on Iran

By David Swanson

The "IranMobile", a Dr. Strangelovian thermonuclear missle/bomb that rises for launch 20 feet in the air with George W. Bush astride, came to Charlottesville, Va., as part of the campaign to stop an impending war on Iran. Lights, smoke, music, audio were part of the presentation. Members of the Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice collected petition signatures and handed out flyers from The mayor of Charlottesville Dave Norris came by and spoke in support of stopping any attack on Iran.

Local Code Pink activists and allies:

Mayor Dave Norris with True Majority's IranMobile Master Aaron Rubin:

Bombs Away!