Zoe Lofgren, Closet Impeacher

By David Swanson

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren wants Cheney and Bush impeached, removed from office, prosecuted, and incarcerated, and she won't admit it. Nine members of the House Judiciary Committee on which she serves want Cheney impeached, or at least want to begin impeachment hearings (which everyone knows comes to the same thing). And once you impeach Cheney, the crimes will be on the table and the rest will almost certainly follow.

Press TV Report: Bush Versus Congress

Next time you plan to watch US corporate media news, don't bother. Instead, go here and click on
"12 Feb. 2008
President Bush versus Congress".
Good program.

Obamessives and Obamicans

By David Swanson

A friend just described to me the scene last weekend in Richmond, Va., prior to the Tuesday Virginia primary in which Obama trounced Clinton. Both of them spoke at a Democratic Party dinner in Richmond, and a huge crowd outside and inside cheered and screamed, reportedly mostly for Obama. My friend said she'd not felt the same thing since the 1963 march on Washington. She said the crowd was mixed in terms of age and race in a way she hadn't seen since then. She, like many of us, is used to attending peace rallies full of old white people. She said the crowd was for Obama, that after Clinton had spoken and left the Governor introduced Obama with "And now for the main event...," and the place went insane with cheering.

Now, I suspect that a lot of Obama supporters think he is more progressive than he is, imagine he's far less militaristic and corporate than he says he is ininterviews, debates, and in his second book. But my friend had read his first book, and she also knew what is needed to get past the corporate media guardians of U.S. election booths. She, as I suspect many are doing, put her hope in the notion that Obama is faking his corporate militarism in order to get past GE, Fox, Viacom, and Disney, and once he's elected he'll be a real progressive. I'm putting what little hope I have in a slightly different place. My hope is that the people filling the streets in Richmond will continue to fill the streets after Obama moves into the White House. My hope is that a movement can arise that will force Obama to be what we need him to be.

Obamessives, progressives enthused by Obama, may believe he's a progressive now, or may place their faith in his imagined intention to be the intelligent decent author of his first book as soon as he's elected, or may place their faith in their own power to compell him to be something great. In any case, there are millions of Obamessives roaming the country, many of them young and new to politics. I share the enthusiasm for two reasons: they exist, and together we are accomplishing the first good thing in US politics in a long, long time (except for Donna Edwards' win): we are defeating Hillary Clinton.

Join Us for a Live Interview With the Director of "Uncounted," David Earnhardt

By David Swanson

As we muddle our way through primary elections fraught with errors, fraud, and suppression, it's useful to look back at the elections of 2004 and 2006. So, on Wednesday February 20th, from 8 to 9 p.m. ET I'll be interviewing David Earnhardt live online, and you can phone in with your questions.

Democrats Pass Contempt, Republicans Leave the Room

The Corpse Wiggles: Live Blogging Congress (Six Months Late) Voting on Contempt for Two of the Many
By David Swanson

I know a lot of you may hold Congress in contempt, but on Thursday Congress voted to hold someone else in contempt. Here's what happened:

New National Poll on Impeachment Possible

One of the reasons it's hard to convince Congress Members to support opening Cheney impeachment hearings is that they are not fully aware of the level of support among the public for impeaching the least popular vice president in history. There have been very few mainstream national polls done on the topic, primarily because polling companies have not done them on their own (or not published the results) and have refused to do them for money. The few polls that have been published are posted here.

Building a New World Conference: May 22-25 in Radford, Virginia

In 2008 many of us understand that our nation - and even the entire planet - are in a state of crisis. The deep longing for positive, lasting change is the bedrock upon which this conference is based. How do we fix our country and our world? And how can we form one mass movement to address the crisis?

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren Writes to John Conyers About Impeachment

By David Swanson

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D., Calif.), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, has written a letter to Committee Chairman John Conyers (D., Mich.) on the topic of impeachment. Lofgren refers to the possibility of opening impeachment hearings on Vice President Cheney, President Bush, or a federal judge. She suggests that the impeachment of a federal judge may soon be on the agenda for the committee.

Live Interview Tonight With Code Pink Women Meeting With John Conyers

Is House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers seriously considering upholding the Constitution and initiating impeachment hearings on the Vice President, or does he just like meeting with young women and treating our democracy as a joke to tease the citizenry with? Ellen Taylor met with Conyers on Thursday, and Leslie Angeline is scheduled to meet with him late this afternoon. Tonight from 8 to 9 p.m. ET I'll interview these brave activists who are fasting for impeachment. You can listen live and call in with questions: http://www.thepeoplespeakradio.net/listen-live