Congress Hears Ringing Call for Impeachment

By David Swanson

The House Judiciary Committee today, Friday, July 25th, will put impeachment squarely back "on the table" and restored to its prominent place in our Constitution.

Elliott Adams, President of Veterans for Peace, and a descendant of American revolutionary Sam Adams, will deliver this prepared testimony, in which, if his 5 minutes allow him to reach his conclusion, he will say:

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Miller v. Forbes: Virginia's Fourth Congressional District

By David Swanson

In Andrea Miller Virginia's fourth Congressional district has the opportunity to replace a Cheney Republican with a real progressive, and the first African American our state would ever have chosen to represent us in Congress. Here's a race that can make a difference not just in the head-count for the two increasingly indistinguishable parties, but in what actually happens in Washington.

Perriello v. Goode: Virginia's Fifth Congressional District

By David Swanson

The Fifth District of Virginia, and anyone nearby who can lend a hand, should do everything possible to elect Tom Perriello to Congress this year. The most important reason to do so is to replace Virgil Goode.