Liveblogging Politico Forum on Climate Change at Starbucks on Capitol Hill

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7:10 p.m. ET on Thursday: Mindy Lubber from CERES is one of the speakers, formerly at EPA; also Brad Figel global director of govt. affairs for Nike formerly at Senate finance committee (holding up a "sustainable shoe" and supposedly wanting to push Congress to pass "meaningful" climate legislation this year); (Rep. John Dingell seems to be late).


Holder Just Made Me a Promise

Tag: Peace and War, Political Ideas

By David Swanson

As Attorney General Eric Holder left an appropriations subcommittee hearing on Thursday I spoke loudly from the third row as he prepared to leave the room:

"We need a special prosecutor for torture, Mr. Attorney General. Americans like the rule of law. The rule of law for everybody."


AUDIO: John Bonifaz and David Swanson on War Crimes, Accountability, Prosecution

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Audio clips:

Main 41:54 22.3 meg . Q&A 21.5 meg

Amherst Women In Black and Progressive Democrats of America present a conversation with John Bonifaz and David Swanson.

Is it still a crime if a President does it? If Obama keeps the powers Bush seized, what powers do we have? If war criminals walk, what will prevent war crimes?



When Our Pundits Excuse Torture

Tag: Political Ideas

By David Swanson

While much of elite US punditry is backing away from torture, Jeff Jacoby is claiming to have opposed it but to now find it excusable. His Boston Globe column takes a very "balanced" approach. He both opposes torture under all circumstances AND excuses it given the current circumstances:


Take Heart and Have Courage

Tag: Immigration, Peace and War

By David Swanson

We've pushed long and hard to put accountability, impeachment, prosecution, and the restoration of congressional power on the American table, and they've all just landed with a thud and splatter of gravy and cranberry dressing. So, eat up, take heart, and prepare to work harder than we have over the past several frustrating years of path breaking and pressure building.



Tag: Impeachment

ImpeachBybee.org Open for what to do and why.


Congressman Nadler Asks for Special Prosecutor for Torture

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Congressman Jerrold Nadler has just publicly asked that the Attorney General appoint a special prosecutor. Please THANK HIM, and please ask him and ask your congress member to jointly send to Eric Holder the letter that Nadler and 55 other congress members sent to Michael Mukasey requesting a special prosecutor last summer, or an updated version thereof.

Here is a release from Nadler's office:

World Beyond War


War Is A Crime

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Peace is the way.

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